Team Z Evil

The world has changed, I can feel, see, and hear it. My Truman Show has changed. The socioeconomic, education, and health levels of the actors has gone dramatically down, along with their familiarity with doing evil. This team is just happy to be in the game with a chance to play finally. It is an interesting dynamic to watch people invest in the ways of the past, rather than embrace the future. It is like those people who tell you about their golden years and refer back to high school, as they sit in an old run down bar just having gotten off from working their blue collar job that reinforces their insignificance.

I bought some more beef from the deli at Smith’s in Edgewood, New Mexico and again it had extacy on it. These people do not understand fasting or many things. 90% of the people and children I have seen today have fatty liver. On the A team of evil, my family allows for some health. These people I have seen today have never known health. It is sad, but I can relate because I was them until I dove deep into healing.

Now do you people understand why they try to feed me ecstasy and lead every chance they get? I notice the little things that most people cannot see. This is why you all have tinted windows and cannot look at me without sunglasses. Are you really proud of what you are doing if you cannot look me in the eyes?

I still choose love even though I know evil better than you.

Love Always




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