The Epigenetic Trigger Of Dyslexia Keeps You Out Of The Quantum Field

Well, I was wondering why my family cult got really upset about my new special interest and started poisoning me using walking people, cars, and air traffic. As I was listening to a Joe Dispenza audio book, the answers came to me. When you are creating life and possibility in the quantum field you cannot focus on the how. Maybe this is why I never know the how?

When you focus on the how things become material. Creating possibility has to do with feelings and results, not the how. Sounds ridiculous I know, but it has to do with faith and intention. You make yourself an energetic magnet for what you are seeking and have faith that it will be drawn to you. Emotions are energy in motion, so you feel what you are creating and the universe draws it to you.

When you create life in the material realm my family cult has power over what you create and the supplies that you have access to. But when you create in the quantum field you are limitless. This is the only place you can create whatever you desire without regard for how things are in the material. And the laws of physics draw it to you.

I suppose if you all knew that you did not have to be limited to the material world and the control of my family cult, you would not listen to them anymore. They would no longer have control over you, because you would know a better way to live and create. This is another secret they do not want you to know. They are not in control of the show like they would like you to think, so you feel stuck. You are the creator of the show you choose to live. This is why they have never been able to control me, because I have always lived and played in the quantum field. The quantum field is where dreams can become reality. Why would you choose to create in the material world if you knew you could create limitless opportunity in the quantum field. This is why group meditation changes the world and creates what we focus on and draw towards us.

You are more powerful than you ever could have imagined. You deserve the life of your dreams. You can create the life of your dreams. You are the one in charge of your show. You are not limited by the material world. You are powerful enough to change your life and the world!

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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