The Fear, Anxiety, & Depression and Your Soul Calling

The Fear Anxiety Depression and Your Soul Calling

You know that fear you feel right now especially but almost all the time? That’s not you. That is there by design. See your gut bacteria is warred on by all the systems. This means your gut does not produce vitamin K2 as it should. This means calcium is not deposited into your bones and teeth as it should be. Instead it floats around in your bloodstream causing anxiety and damages your brain and amygdala. This is what is causing the fear you feel all the time. It is a subconscious fear, so before your logical mind has a chance to tell you you are safe you feel fear. You feel this fear all the time. It’s a paralyzing fear. This fear motivates you to stay small and not to rock the boat. It’s a tool to control you.

You know the anxiety and depression you feel in waves all the time? It comes and goes through the days and it seems unpredictable, but it always shows back up? Well that is caused by your blood glucose levels and insulin levels. Humans aren’t meant to eat a diet so high in carbs, sugars, and grains. Processed foods are a weapon of destruction in countless ways. But our Standard American Diet conditions us to eat all the wrong things.If you want to eat well it is an uphill battle by design. When you eat well you feel well. People who feel well are harder to control.

See when your insulin levels are all over the place. It makes it ai your cells don’t absorb as much nutrition from your food as they are supposed to. This is why most Americans are experiencing malnutrition but are overweight. And you know what happens when you are experiencing malnutrition? You are more susceptible to brain washing and suggestion because your brain is not working properly. So this sets you up for disease and to stay in line as well.

You know that feeling you have now from your heart and soul that is calling out for freedom. That is you. You probably rarely ever honor that voice, but that is you. In the madness of your body it is hard to know what is you and what is there by design. You are the voice calling out for freedom.

Are you going to honor yourself or are you going to fall in line with the voices there by design to keep you small?

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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