The Great Evil Was My Dad

What a turn of events and a heck of a wild ride! I have learned so much about people and the dark side. Perhaps, the lesson is beware of the people who are kindest to your face, because they seek something for their kindness. Nothing is ever free.

Dad, I will always have love for you, but I will never understand your desire for great evil. You won, but not in the way you desired. However, it is still a win. You stole 40 years of my life and underestimated me at every turn. Luckily, your lack of emotional intelligence was my saving grace. How many other families are there like ours? Will they be able to stop? The point of no return is a dark vortex that rarely allows people to escape.

Walking the dogs in Thurston, I can tell your people because even though they lost, they are taking great pleasure in the pain you have caused me. You know you cannot keep doing what you are doing. You need to make up for the damage you caused to humanity. Dare I say your crimes to humanity? How can I be made of your genes and be so different? Gene expression is the answer. Everyone can change their gene expression, with health, love, optimism, and mental abundance. The world you choose to live in is sad. I hope you see their is another way.

I am not interested in warring for life. Why was I needed for your plan? I probably won’t ever understand logically, even if I have all the facts. The military people are my Dad’s people, but they are still my people. Please, allow them to heal. The world will never be what it can with so much darkness, greed, and hate.

The group homes need to be made into places where torture is not common practice and accepted. Those are my people. All that separates us is different amounts of toxins during pregnancy. I could have been like one of them and you would have just killed me, huh? Things need to change quickly. I will make a trip down to Sierra Vista, after I have time to rest a bit, and I want things to be better when I get there.

You know the three guys I worked with at the group home? They are pretty amazing and deserve everything to change more than I ever will. They deserve not to walk around all day with pooh on them and to not be locked alone in their rooms all day. They deserve real food that allows them healing rather than more pain and disease. They deserve people with hearts around them, not people who take great pleasure in their pain. Your people enjoying my pain is one thing, but those guys are innocent. How dare you? You were one of those guys when you were younger. How could you forget that could be you? Be a good person and right your wrongs. I will leave this be and make my way to great success with my special interests rather than taking you down.

I wish you happiness as long as that does not come at the cost of another.



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