The Systems Destroy Us All

We have been taught not to see how the world and systems destroy us all. I wrote this list over a year and a half ago. So its missing a lot of specifics but really think about your life and how you view the world that is designed to destroy you at it’s best. The world is not designed for potential. The world is designed for destruction. Really think about what this means for you personally. Because no one is immune from the destruction or the conditioning to ignore the destruction.

  1. Food Industry-it is all meant to kill us slowly and take our money in the process

2. Farming Industry-government subsidies all for our family cult to control the food industries before it is even grown/raised, many of South Americans were farmers when first came to US(maybe now too?)

3. Healthcare Industry-sickness is a business, they do not aim to heal you only keep you enslaved

4. Hospitals-for profit and often associated with Catholic church-not interested in healing on enslaving and punishing

5. Organized Religion-for profit fear tactics and control tactics

6. Insurance Industry-fear tactic, dictates prices for services, makes us all pay for those who get sucked into healthcare industry-run by Aryans

7. Housing/Real Estate Industry-keeps us small, diseased, manageable, and preoccupied-I took a LEED building course & buildings are not made for health or sustainability unless you pay much more–run by Aryans

8. Automobile Industry-that new car smell is just a fancy way to say poison-used as a weapon for Munchausen and Munchausen by proxy-I have not driven the majority of my life this is also why my epigenetics are better than most

9. Oil/Gasoline Industry-my Grandpa Graves was big into the oil industry in Argentina it is a South American thing-this is how they get the poison to the people is through the gas-this is why truckers are so sick

10. Beauty Industry-makeup has heavy metals still, we are sold a fake image to keep us always striving for the unattainable-plastic surgery is a huge industry- plastic surgery erodes your gut bacteria just like other surgeries setting you up for chronic illness-and implants are linked to autoimmune issues

11. Tatoo Industry-poison you pay to implant into your skin that seeps into your blood stream and bypasses your liver for a lifetime-changes epigenetics, may cause gene mutations in your children-tatoo artists=professional Munchausen by proxy

12. Prison/Jail Industry(aka Punishment Industry)-it is literally a for profit industry that uses their cheap labor to manufacture things for other industries and they feed these people the worst foods and probably do medical experiments on them

13. News/Media Industry-for profit fear tactics and control tactics-withhold real information and spread what they want you to know or what they want you to keep preoccupied with

14. Telephones/Cell Phones/WiFi-a means to spy on you and see what you do in your personal life-wifi is designed to mess with your humanity the frequency throws off something in your brain/body just like cell phone radiation-tracking devices

15. Government-just figure heads for our family cult-they are relatively powerless-I was around when the Certain One was dealing with the government in Sacramento to get weed legalized-we pay them off to do things and/or blackmail them

16. Pharmaceutical Industry-meant to make you sicker in the long run and keep you addicted and reliant–not a healing industry

17. Legal/Medical Marijuana Industry–just another venue to poison the people seeking comfort and/or to ease their pain(Fragment: you should have seen how sick the people were at the dispensary in Southern Arizona were that I went to. They put so much poison in the weed there! They use it to thin the herd.)

18. Adult Beverage Industry-just another venue to poison the people seeking comfort and/or to ease their pain-my brother worked at the distributor-these are the people who poison the soda as well

19. Cigarettes-meant to keep you addicted and spending and a venue for poisons-I had a Sugar Daddy who was a tobacco farmer in NC-they bought his tobacco but would not tell him how many cigarettes they made out of it. like this much tobacco equals so many cigarettes-super shady industry

20. Education Industry-a way to control what we know and who gets to know what-a way to socialize, condition, and break children/young adults to become war game players of tomorrow-school teachers are something that some families in my family cult do generation after generation-Amanda Hunt my best friend growing up, her family is a line of school teachers from within the war games

21. Clothing/Shoe Industry-a way to poison people-your feet have the largest pores in your body so you absorb the most toxins through your feet(thanks Mom). When you try on cheap shoes at Walmart pay attention to what you feel in your body. When I try on flip flops there I can feel it in my liver and lymphatic system. Just tune in and try it, I dare you.

22. Cleaning Supply Industry-a way to get us to poison ourselves regularly in the name of cleanliness- contain heavy metals and then when mixed with untrustworthy people more poisons added via Munchausen by Proxy-cleaners cause cancer which gets you to buy into the healthcare industry

23. Gym Industry-used to poison people(this is where I get concentration camp showers)– used to throw off their limbic systems-your body is not meant to be stressed that badly when we are in such bad health already-exercise needs to be gentle and be a soothing experience–keeps people seeking something in the wrong fashion so they will always be seeking and rarely obtain–also my family cult really enjoys giving people heart attacks with intense exercise-SS soldier industry

24. Fast Food Industry-food that is overtly designed to get you addicted, diseased, and kill you

We can keep going all day, but you all are starting to get the idea, right? It is not just my family cult, it is our family cult. Our family cult is the wizard behind the curtain in so many different aspects of our lives, aiming to make us all small, diseased, and manageable(Not to mention genetically modify us all). Just let me know when you all are ready to be revolutionary, I will be over here in Santa Barbara eating chips, working on my writing project, and waiting for you all to have had enough.

Love Always

Nicole D. Graves

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