The Systems/Society Is Setup To Cause Insulin Resistance/Type 2 Diabetes

I had a dream last night about potato chips. It is probably because I am going back to eating Keto/Carnivore and am having carb cravings. However, it made the pieces fall into place once again. My life/brain is all about putting the pieces into place. This is my super power.

  • Your brain/body does not know the difference between when you see something versus when you visualize something. This is why visualization works and changes your body/hormones.
  • All day everyday we are bombarded with food images and smells-these literally change your biology and hormones.
  • I could not figure out why so many You Tube shows had food stuff in them. Every channel is quick to show you what they are eating.
  • Tv is filled with commercials about food and even the Food Network.
  • I never watched much tv till I was with A1 and he was obsessed with talking about what we were going to have for dinner and watching food tv shows. Plus, he would always try to get me to eat chips and fruit. Basically he wanted to get me to self destruct so he did not have to work so hard to destroy and kill me himself.
  • So the world is set up to get you to self destruct. We are not supposed to think about food very often. Eating once a day is always what has made me the happiest and most comfortable. Not saying that is right for everyone, but never in our history have we eaten three meals a day before. The people who created the food pyramid in the 1980’s are the same people who came up with the three meals a day thing.
  • The nutrition industry is filled with lies and research is funded mostly by food corporations that make more money when you eat more of their junk food more frequently.
  • When you have insulin resistance you do not absorb nutrition from your food as well because your cells cannot absorb it. Malnutrition keeps you more manageable and diseased.
  • The food system/cultures worldwide are carb based, this is what causes increased insulin. Humans only started heavily eating grains not that long ago. Most of our evolution we have not eaten grains. Since the industrial age when grains became a staple in our diet, this is when we have experienced the most disease/malnutrition/chronic illness.
  • Your epigenetics are better if you take in less food, rather than when you over eat and are overweight.
  • When you have insulin resistance you are hungry all the time because you are starving for nutrition that your cells cannot absorb.
  • When you are starving/hungry you are more likely to give into eating crap foods because you become desperate and your mind does not work well.
  • Starving people are way easier to control and more willing to look to another for the solution because they do not know what to do to make themselves better. They feel hopeless and out of control.
  • This trigger of insulin resistance and type 2 Diabetes causes the health care industry and the food industry to make out like fat cats because you keep consuming looking for an answer that they will never give you. And then eventually you accept learned helplessness because you feel helpless and nothing you have done has worked.
  • This is probably why doctors are quick to test blood sugars but rarely test insulin levels.

When I write it out it makes so much sense. I knew this all but I never put all the pieces together, even after living this experience for most of my life. Learning to fast is what has kept me alive. My Mom used to make fun of me and say I was starving myself. It is safe to say that you need to watch out for the people who are always trying to feed you. They say it is out of love, but it is probably motivated by their need for destruction unless they are feeding you high quality meats without carbs. The world is upside down in so many ways. Be revolutionary and eat fewer meals and fewer carbs. It is hard, but eat as many good fats as you need. Even as a child I would constantly get into the butter dish. We often know what our bodies need as children. What did you crave as a child? I used to ask for more meat and my Mom would make me eat more vegetables unless we were having pork chops. So stay away from the pork and the chicken because it feeds into the epigenetic triggers, but eat more beef. It is what truly should be for dinner.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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