The Views Or The Gossip?

How many views do I need to get to end this illogical madness of the Kudearoff family(aka my family cult)? There is no certain number. My goal is merely to get the people gossiping. After writing a blog while in the adult industry for almost a decade, I learned that my family may be able to limit my readership. However, they cannot stop people from being like them and gossiping. Reaching the right 100-1000 readers/viewers who just love the gossip is all I really need.

The Kudearoff family has trained you all to spread news with gossip. But what happens when you spread the news of them not being able to handle me? How long till you get to repossess my people from the group homes? How long till you start all your children on low carb diets to reverse the damage that you have allowed? How long till they remove the propane tanks from the public schools and churches?

How long till your dark empathy turns to light?


Nicole Graves

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