They Are Gang Stalking/Attempting Murder On Alan Poissant In Santa Monica, California Now

Yesterday, I reached out to a past boyfriend from 2014. He and I were close, but never really were able to connect because of life. Now I understand it is because he does not know about my family cult. And now I also understand that they tried killing him when he was then living in Salt Lake City, in order to keep us apart. He does not know about my family cult.

Alan(Mr. Utah) encountered all kinds of life circumstances that were life shattering, but were totally out of character for him. He had a drinking problem, but now I realize it was a poisoning problem. My family was poisoning him. He was having extreme problems with his breathing and he definitely had fatty liver from all the toxins he was being exposed to. This is around the same they started attempting my murder more overtly and when they sent A1(aka Tae Roh) into my life to distract me and to attempt my murder on a more personal level. It is easier to poison your personal products and food/drink when they use a trusted friend/loved one.

If anything happens to Alan Poissant(I may have spelled his last name wrong) currently in Santa Monica, it was my family cult the Kudearoffs.


Nicole Graves

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