They Are The Ones Missing Something

Please allow me a moment of humanity, I am mad. My whole life people with Dyslexia have treated me like I was the stupid one. Well, today I realized how their brain dysfunction is keeping them smaller and more manageable than myself. Of course, not being logical is a huge disability. But not being able to access your own quantum field is even huger. It literally makes their world small and material. It takes away all the limitless possibility.

I have lived in limitless possibility in the quantum field my whole life. This is what has allowed me to survive my family cult. No one with the epigenetic trigger of Dyslexia would have been able to survive what I have survived. This is why they did not run with the Asperger’s genetic modifications, we are not manageable to say the least. We ask why way too often, question their logic, and know and manifest things we are not supposed to.

I have never had anyone to talk to about all the things I have know because I would have been gaslight about them. Plus, I would just have made my family feel even smaller. My kindness is not weakness, it is grace. I know I have made my family feel small my whole life and I did not want them to feel bad. My Brother’s brain does work in ways that I do not understand and admire, but I would never want to trade him. I love logic and I love the way my brain works even though it is a dysfunction and epigenetic trigger.

Experiencing life without the quantum field and logic seems like a one dimensional world that is harsh, cold, and everything but dynamic. I live in a world that is technicolor all the time and always intriguing because it is filled with dimensions that I have not discovered. The possibilities are endless and limitless. I am not missing anything, besides someone to talk to about these things.

After being treated like I have been missing something my whole life, I am finally realizing the people who surround me are the ones who are missing something. And they are missing a lot of something. I feel sorry for them because they do not realize how much of the human experience they are missing out on. They are missing out on everything that makes being human worthwhile and exciting. Life is so much more than the how!

Thank you for letting me vent. Love Always,

Nicole Graves

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