They Do Not Want To Play Their Own Game Now That They Have To Pretend

The shoe is on the other foot now and they are just pissed and poor sports. The neighbor ladies are livid and I can feel it. Especially, the one with two daughters that I grew up with because I represent her worst nightmare too.

My cousin J does not want to play. I can hope it is because she may feel guilt, but that is me projecting my emotional spectrum on her. Which is something that has always got me into trouble. Humanity is not common and this is something I always have to remind myself.

My Mom put on a show this morning for whoever is listening to my bugged computer and phone. She let me talk about my special interests and pretended to act interested and keeps pushing for me to see my Aunt La. She is selling me family and in turn her survival. I can appreciate the situation she is in, but they tortured me for a lifetime and I have only been making them really uncomfortable for less than a month. They sent me away to be taken care of by their goons in the desert. Actually having to face me and the truths I know about them is hard on their nervous system. I understand I just don’t care. I was the sacrifical lamb my whole life. They can take a little discomfort.

When the shoe is on the other foot, they are realizing the discomfort they have caused me for a lifetime. This scares them more because they know I like to channel my anger to drive me forward in life.

Treat others how you want to be treated. When that does not work give them a taste of their own medicine.



P.S. My Mom asked how long it will take for my cancer to come back this morning with great intrigue.

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