Thursday August 18th 2022 Moon in Taurus Sun in Leo Dear Koreans

Dear Koreans

It has been 506 days since my Dad declared overt war on me. I know you all in the LA area have been tuned in for awhile. I saw you all trying to keep your people from hearing what I had to say. You all have a pretty big presence in LA. I loved Korea town in Las Vegas, but I had no clue.

I have been looking for the people who outrank my family in the war games for almost two years, but really all my life. I kept asking myself what my Dad wanted from you all. If he wants something he takes it. He doesn’t follow rules. Well, the only thing you all have that he can’t take is your place in the war games. You out rank the Graves family because you all covertly won World war 2. You dont know how grateful I am for this. My life has been a concentration camp and if it weren’t for you all the world would be a concentration camp.

My Dad tried to use me to steal your power in the war games. He gave me to A1 with intentions that I would willingly have his child. Luckily for all of us, I did not. My Dad would have used that child to steal your power in the war games. You all would have never recovered.

How is my Grandma Kudearoff tied in with you all? She was communist too. Quite the fancy lady, but she was just my Grandma. Everyone I have always taken at face value because I was never told about the war games. You all know I outrank my Dad in the war games right? I outrank everyone in my family. This is why I have been kept so small and in the dark.

Everyone in my life has tried to kill me. I have never slept with anyone who wasn’t the enemy. You all dont scare me. Just like the farmers dont scare me. You all are just people and you put on your pants one leg at a time just like I do. We might have fancy birthrights, but when it comes down to it. We are human. We are not Gods.

Over the past 506 days I have created a revolution and worked my way through the war games subgroup bu subgroup. No one is left fighting for my Dad, except his professional cult. I even have won his military army over. I honestly dont know much about leading an army. However, I have created the largest army out of anyone in my family in 506 days. These people are amazing. They believe in potential and they want better for themselves. I’m willing to fight for better for them because they fight for me whenever they can.

I’m not sure how you all fit into the war games here in the States. I do know the farmers are a big deal and people fear them greatly. The farmers are with me. They understand the destruction my Dad is undertaking and they understand that this is world war 3. Did you all know you were helping my Dad create world war 3 when you started associating with him around the time the Berlin wall went down? Did you know he had no good intentions for you all? His friendship is how he conquers people. I’m sure he has made you all do things that you didn’t understand the full story about and now he tells you that you are stuck with him. You aren’t stuck with him. He tries to do this to everyone. People are human we all make mistakes. The key is we have to make up for those mistakes by doing better. Live and learn right?

I represent an option and opportunity no one was told about. I represent hope. We all deserve better. I’m not going to try to pretend that I understand everything about communism or what you all do. But I do know that Koreans believe in potential. My Dad has taken potential off the table for everyone on a biological level. I’m pretty sure you all did not agree to this. You all have such fancy brains. They intrigue me. You all are a hybrid of both me and my brother. You’re logical and yet creative at the same time. Its Autism and Dyslexia combined for a stronger brain. To be able to utilize both sides of your brain like that must be a pretty amazing experience. You all wouldn’t do this if you didn’t believe in potential and being your best. My Grandma Kudearoff always told me to work hard and do my best. In her eyes Communism wasn’t as much about keeping people small as it was providing an even playing field. My Dad has a way of perverting things and ruining them. I dont believe you would create people with such fancy brains if you wanted them to be mindless and not driven. I think it’s safe to assume you too believe in potential.

This week I have figured out how we need to recreate the systems in order to overcome my Dad’s professional cult. He has hijacked capitalism and made it about privilege and staying small. We need to escape this of life to experience our potential. He has the world held hostage. However, we can overcome this with some structural changes. Not reinventing the wheel, but just using a different kind.

The answer is God and church. We need to make sure church and state do not meet. We need to reinforce the checks and balances for the war games. Otherwise we will always be vulnerable to people like my Dad. My family is great evil and we have too much power to not have checks and balances in place. Absolute power corrupts all. My life is proof of this. I have been held hostage my whole life because of the power my family has. I was supposed to take over for my Grandma Kudearoff and instead my Dad kept me small and hidden away trying to kill me and get me to breed. If my Dad continues to get away with everything, everyone will end up like me. We all will be held hostage, kept small, and made to breed. We kind of are already there.

I don’t have anything to offer in the overt world other than knowledge, wisdom, and know how on how to overcome my family. I can’t promise you all anything bright and shiny. I come to you asking for your help humbly. Because I know you owe me nothing.

However, I hope you see how hard I have worked not only to stay alive and be revolutionary, but to do the right thing. I can promise you all I will never try to take what is yours like the rest of my family. If we could work together towards our common belief of potential I would be very pleased. I want us to grow together. I am going to need someone to help me figure out what all the war games represent because with my birthrights people will never see me as just a human. I will forever be a representation of the war games. I need someone to help me with this. It’s a lot to process. I’m sure you all have some fancy people like me. I would like to meet them and know how they cope. Because we are all just human.

Currently, the farmers have taken amazing efforts to keep me as safe as they can. I’m very grateful. However, my Dad is blocking me from getting a job and from having a home. I’m not looking to be saved, I just need some help. I believe in potential so I am more than willing to work my way out of this situation. But I do need help getting the opportunity to work. Help with a home would be amazing. But if I had work, I could get a home. I have been living in my Jeep with my two dogs since this revolution. My Dad kidnapped one of my dogs about a month ago. I understand he’s scary and he takes whatever is in his grasp. I know better than anyone. However if there is anyone in the world who can stop him and my Brother, it’s me. I’m asking for your protection and help. Again, I’m unsure of how you all fit into the war games. But I know you have power over my Dad and the games as a whole.

I would adore if A1 could be my keeper so to speak, but he can’t be trusted when it comes to my Dad. He will roll over for the privilege my Dad has to offer just as he has in the past. I am unsure of who can be trusted. However, I am sure that I need a job and an apartment or house. The fewer people I’m around the safer I am and the safer the world is from having to live a life like I have.

I cannot promise you all much, but I promise to be a good person. And I promise to spend the rest of my life trying to right the wrongs of my families. We may not always agree and that’s to be expected. However, I will always be open to hearing your story and reasoning for why you believe things to be necessary.

If I can get all the farmers to work together towards a common goal, I believe that we can join forces without having a pissing contest for world domination and control. This isn’t a competition for me. It’s just my life.

I appreciate any help you all can give me. Thank you.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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