Thursday August 18th 2022 Moon in Taurus Sun in Leo I Need To Talk To The Koreans In Charge

My Dad has only wanted me to breed with white me. However in the past decade he was okay with a Korean heir. They have something he wants. What is it? We have a huge military presence in Korea. But just like with the farmers and the Argentinians, it’s the Koreans here in charge that matter. A1 wasn’t scared of my Dad at first. However in time his fear and trauma bond grew. What is my Dad buttering up the Koreans for? How is he going to go in for the kill on his relationship with them? My Dad doesn’t form relationships with anyone that is not predatory. He has an agenda. What is it? Where the Koreans quick enough to catch on or did they get caught up in his web of lies and deception?

I need to talk to the Koreans in charge here. Please get them all nationwide to tune in tonight. I’m going to ponder what I need to say to them and give Haywood a bath cause he has fleas. We will talk tonight. I have a feeling they will be happy to speak with me because I think they understand I’m a bigger loose end than my Dad ever let on.

Talk soon

Nicole D Graves

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