Thursday February 23rd 2023 Moon in Aries Sun in Pisces The Logical Alliance

Well, it’s good to know you all believe in being loyal to where you come from. I’m very pleased that we can agree on something so simple yet so very important. Being loyal to where you come from is something we need to teach the younger generations. Loyalty is all we have sometimes.

Now let’s talk about the big picture and our future. See I want you all to think back to the early 1980s. This was the last time people had enough. People had health. They had enough money to pay their bills and live. People had enough and they had happiness because they had freedom. If people wanted more freedoms in the early 1980s all they had to do was put the work in to get those freedoms. It was a time when we could make something of ourselves. We all were better off when the east was in charge in the early 1980s.

When my Dad started taking over he started taking from all of us. He didn’t just take from the east. He took from everyone. No one was allowed to have enough. My Dad didn’t even deem his own people in the West worthy of having enough. People are easier to control when they are lacking. Rather than put the work in to win people’s loyalty, my Dad put people in a state of lack. When people are lacking they will do almost anything to get their needs met. And this is how we have gotten to where we are today. Where loyalty has been forgotten because people are only loyal to meeting their own needs.

While creating this state of lack, my Dad has created a socialist society where superior white people have been homogenized. You all dont have the freedom to diversity like you all did in the early 1980s. You dont have equality, but you dont have the right to be yourselves. My Dad has created a homogenized group of white people. These are the people who were apart of your subgroups, but they sold out to become part of my Dad’s cult. His followers lack loyalty and they have become a homogenized group of white people. This is your future if things dont change greatly. All your traditions and gifts that are associated with your subgroups will disappear. All the strengths that your people have fought to cultivate and develop for generations have already been slipping away. My Dad has found ways to steal your traditions and homogenize them. And in this act he has stolen your potential. How are your subgroups supposed to be who you are meant to be when your potential and traditions have been stolen from you all? How are you ever supposed to find the freedom to have enough like you all had in the early 1980s again? The answer is you are not supposed to. People who have enough have the freedom to be who they are. How can my Dad create a homogenized society when you are free to be who you are? He can’t. So as long as my Dad has his way, you all will never have enough and will be robbed of the talents and strengths of your subgroups. How is my Dad supposed to control you if you are free to be yourselves? He would actually have to earn your loyalty, right? And who wants to be loyal to someone who desires them to live in lack without ever achieving any bit of potential? I know that sounds pretty unappealing to me. What do you all think?

So this is the world my Dad has created. This is the track we are on. However, there is still this one chance left to restore your subgroups to what they once were. You all still have people who can help teach the younger generations about your traditions, skills, and talents. In ten or twenty years, this wont be an option because those people will be dead. And all your potential from each of your subgroups will die with those people. In a society so reliant on the behavioral inheritance systems, when the people die who have the skills we desire, those skills and traditions die with them. Our potential is close to never being able to be restored. For so many groups that view themselves as superior this has to be a frightening situation for you all. If your traditions and skills and potential die, how are you ever going to prove that you are as superior as you believe yourselves to be?

I may not believe in superiority, but I do believe in equality, diversity, tradition, and potential. I believe we all have a right to be equal and be diverse. While having traditions that help us achieve our potential. I want this for all of you. Because I want this for myself. I enjoy being surrounded by diversity and people who are not all the same. I remember the early 1980s when people had skills and talent. I want to go back to those times too. However, if my Dad wins and I do not succeed at creating a successful life for myself in the overt world, then none of us get to have enough ever again. And your traditions and potential die right along with me.

You all may view me as less than because I am not white like you all. But I represent your last chance at being who you are. If my Dad has any say in your future he will ensure you all continue to live in lack. However, I believe in your potential and the traditions you have used for generations to achieve success. So I understand you all may view me as less than, but I am your last hope at getting yourselves back to where you deserve to be. I’m your last hope.

So I am hoping we can all become the logical alliance and work together to create a successful life for me that will ensure a successful life for you all. Basically anyone who tries to destroy me in any way is trying to destroy you all. Anyone who poisons my food is trying to destroy your chance at getting back what you have lost. Anyone in real estate who trys to destroy me or who delays me or who withholds information is trying to eliminate your chance for better. Because none of you get better without me getting better first. If anything bad happens to me your chances of getting back to where you all once were go down. My fate is tied directly to all of your fates. I am hoping this will motivate you all to not only protect me, but to ensure the people who surround me are motivated to help me succeed. I have spent a lifetime surrounded by people in my Dad’s cult who have been trying to make me fail. And I know a lot of you all can relate to this. I need you all to protect me from these people so I can protect you all. I want us all to have enough. But I cant help us all restore our traditions and potential while living in my car, being poisoned by everyone I experience in the overt world, and eating poisoned food. From where I am today I will not be able to get us all better. I am just a human. I am not a God or a magic worker. I need better to create better for all of us. I want the world to have enough again. But that needs to start with me having enough. I need a home. I need to be surrounded by people who want and need me to succeed in real estate. I need clean food and water so my body and mind work as optimally as possible. I need to be able to pay my bills and take care of Haywood. I need to be able to buy flea medicine that is actually flea medicine and not just poison. I need to be able to buy a b12 shot without it being just a shot of poison that makes my organs fail. I need to have access to the real world like everyone else. If I continue to live in the Truman show my Dad creates to destroy me I will not be able to get better for us all.

You all dont have to believe that I am one of you all. You don’t have to believe I am your equal. However, you do have to believe that your future is tied directly to my ability to have a good life, career, and health. If I dont get better I cant get better for you all. So today is a great day to start making my life better so we can get this show on the road. We all deserve enough.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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