Thursday February 9th 2023 Moon in Libra Sun in Aquarius A Message To The South

Hello everyone, thank you for tuning in. I know it’s an odd hour for some of you all, but I appreciate you taking the time to hear me out and be here. Yesterday, I addressed the east because I was born to bring the east and west together. However, both my Dad and my Grandpa Graves were born to bring the West and the south together. But the Hitler family has a way of holding people hostage who get involved with them.

Argentina let the soldiers and my great Grandpa Hitler move there because they welcomed the money these people would bring. Which was a completely fair exchange because these refugees were literally getting away with murder. Somewhere along the way things got really unfair. I can’t say when this happened, but I can say from sitting right here today that things are not right between us all.

I am west European, Chinese, Russian, and Argentinian. I am this mix because I am from some of the most powerful families in the world. But if I represent all of you, then why are we not all equal? Am I just supposed to disregard a part of myself and enslave that group and hold them all hostage? Because I dont know how to do that. I’m human. But I dont know how to deny who I am and what and who brought me to be here today. My life has been really hard because I lived the life of someone the Hitler family held hostage. They dont just hold me hostage, they hold a lot of people hostage. They have this overwhelming greed and entitlement that I dont have. I was taught I deserve nothing. And I have never had enough and been comfortable. If they would have allowed me to have enough I would have never had to create this revolution. I understand how you all live because I have lived like you all. I understand your pain and your hurt because it’s mine too.

I am not going to deny any part of me. I am not going to enslave any one group of people so another group can have more or better. I don’t identify with just one group of people because I was born to bring the world together. And I am made up of many different kinds of people. I don’t view this as a weakness. This is one of my greatest strengths. I am just one of you all. And I don’t need or want to be fancy. I just want to be ordinary and regular and have enough. When people have enough they can do more than just survive. Potential is when we are doing more than just surviving and getting by. We all deserve more to life than just getting by. No matter who you are you deserve better. I really need you to understand this. No matter who you are or what you have done you deserve better. No matter your birthrights or race or religion you deserve better. We all are human. There are no humans that are superior than other humans. Sure some of us need to work on our Gene’s and gene expression to be healthier, but we all also share this need. Because we all have been destroyed by the world. Some of us have just endured a lot more destruction. We all deserve to heal and we all deserve better.

I am talking to you all today because I was really lucky last year. Last year when I was in Southern California being revolutionary and trying to reach the people, I found the southern LA farmers. These Hispanic Argentinian farmers are why I am alive today. These were the first people to really stand up for me. Not only did they stop fighting this war against me, but they told others to stop as well. I wouldn’t be alive if they had not done this. The Hispanic Argentinians saved me. They are the reason we all get this second chance. I have not been doing this alone. I have had a lot of help from a lot of different groups. But the one group I could not have survived without was the Hispanic Argentinians.

I’m not sure where the idea that Hispanic people are less than came from. I understand my Dad’s Mom and the Hitler family feels this way. I understand a lot of white people feel this way. But if things were up to the white people I would have died a long time ago. So I encourage you all to be more open minded. Because how can a race or group of people who earned us all a shot at better be less than in any way? They saved the world by protecting me. Do you understand just how big of a deal this is for all of us? I told the east that they need to reward the Hispanic Argentinians for helping me. And I’m going to tell you all the same thing. They deserve respect from the world. They are not just equal they are greater than in this one moment in time. No one else was willing to help me like they were. After they were on board I had a fighting chance to get everyone else on board too. Washington would never have joined me in this revolution without all the support I had before them. A lot of people helped me by dropping out of the war against me. But the Hispanic Argentinians were the first group to tell people to leave me alone. I am the only person who can bring the world together in getting better for us all. No one else has the ability or the desire to do what I can and have been doing. No one else would tell you all how you are being destroyed like I have. Knowledge is power. And when you know better you do better. But when you dont know you don’t do better. This is why my family has kept you all so in the dark about everything.

I believe in freedom of information. Because I was kept in the dark about everything too. My family never told me who I was or who they were. This was meant to be my greatest disability and weakness. My whole life people have tried to kill me because of who I am. My whole life I have been kidnapped and held hostage because of who I am. And I was never supposed to find out who I am to you people because it kept me disabled and easier to prey on and control. I need you all to know everything about everything because it keeps you safe. When you know better you do better. I want you to know better.

The world is pretty upside down right now. It has been like this for almost my whole life. I want the world to go back to like the early 1980s when people smiled and had good health and were financially able to take care of themselves and their families. I know life and the world weren’t perfect back then. But they were a lot better. And we need to know what better looks like in order to get it. So we are going to go back to simpler times. Because most of the advancements in technology have been used to destroy us all since then. We all have a lot of work to do. Everyone needs to do better and that includes you and your family. Everyone has taken part in the destruction because they didn’t know better. But now you all know better so I expect you all to do better immediately. We have all been held back too long. We cannot hold ourselves back.

Today is day 681 of me creating this revolution. I never imagined any of this. This isnt my wildest dreams, it’s more like a nightmare. I understand I represent a lot of different things to a lot of different people. But in reality I am just a lady who has been kept small just like you all. I don’t want to be fancy. I want to be regular and have an ordinary life. And you know what is the biggest magical thing about all of this is all I have to do is be ordinary and have a regular life to ensure you all are safe from my families for generations to come. All I have to do is have a career, work hard, have a home, and have a family. Me having children is how we get out of this mess. My Dad has tried to breed me like a farm animal my whole life, but I never did it. I understand how important it is for me to have children for you all. I can’t say that the idea of bringing children into this world makes me feel excited or like it’s the right thing to do. So I’m going to need your help finding a man to marry with 3 children who understand what they are signing up to do by becoming my children. Later in life maybe I will have a baby, but right now it’s not safe. But we all need to guarantee your safety. I need to make sure the world is safe if something happens to me. Because my Dad is always trying to kill me. Everyday people try to kill me. We all need to work together to ensure I can guarantee you all stay safe. I cant do this alone. I need your help. I’m just one person, but my birthrights mean I have to take care of the world. It’s a big responsibility and it’s hard to explain how stressful it feels to have this as your purpose in life. I’m just one person, but I have to protect the world. So I am going to need your help. We all have to work together or this wont work. You are just as responsible for changing the world as I am. It’s part of your birthrights too.

So allow me to tell you what i need your help with. There are so many things but these are the basics.

What I need your help with:

I need people to stop poisoning me and trying to kill me everyday everywhere I go. It has to stop please.

I need a home. I have lived in my jeep for 681 days and its winter and cold here. I need a home with a bed.

I need clean food and water. And to be able to cook my own food. Only being able to eat things I can buy at the grocery store is really hard because it all has so much fat in it. I have a really bad c diff infection from my asperger’s. So I need to eat better. A lady can’t eat raw beef forever. My Dad has the people who work at the grocery stores poison the food. Make them stop immediately.

I recently against all odds got my Oregon real estate license. I need you all to not only say it’s safe for people to do business with me and protect them. I need you all to order people to do business with me. I cannot get a normal ordinary life without a successful career. If I am to have a family and children I need to be able to provide for them to keep them safe. I need to keep myself safe too.

I need help finding a man with 3 children to marry who will do the right thing. I have never known anyone to do the right thing. How am I supposed to know who will be good to you all. You deserve better but you have to help me figure out how to get better for you all.

I need my Dad to be pushed out of power. He has killed so many people including my grandparents and almost me. He breaks the rules and teaches people to disregard where they come from and be disloyal. My Dad only has power because people follow him and do his bidding. Make it so the people stop. My Dad and Brother have tried to kill me and you all our while lives. They wont ever stop. You all have to make the people stop. We will never be safe until my Dad is out of power and my brother too.

Like I said there are a ton more things that I need help with. I need you all to do anything in your power to make my life better so I can create better for you all. I cant do much for you all until I get better. But I promise to do everything I can because you all are just like me. We all deserve better.

Thank you for taking the time to hear me out. I appreciate all of you. To my family in Argentina, I hope to one day get to visit and have a glass of Malbec and a steak. I have always wanted to go to Argentina. And now I realize I have a whole family there. Know I love you all and I will never disrespect you because you are apart of who I am.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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