Thursday January 19th 2023 Moon in Capricorn Sun in Capricorn Clean Food And Water

My food the past couple days has been worse than normal. Even today after I connected with the world it was worse than normal. So bad Haywood didn’t really want to eat the raw liver. And raw liver is his very favorite food on earth.

I eat a very limited diet because I have a very intense c diff infection. Asperger’s means my digestion is really sensitive. So throughout my life I have had to learn what to eat to survive. On this adventure and revolution I have had to really learn a lot about food and how it works in my body. However, my Dad gets people to poison the food so bad that it makes my kidneys and heart fail. I had a scare last month where my left hand swelled twice the size it is supposed to be because my heart was failing from the poisons.

I need you all to help me get clean food and water. Not only so I can have good life, but I need it to survive. Clean food isnt something I can negotiate with. My organs have been warred on my whole life. I always wondered why I could never get a flat stomach even when I was underweight. Its because people have always poisoned my food so much my kidneys and heart struggle to keep up and function.

I eat very few foods so this should be easy to fix. I mostly shop at Walmart on west 11th in Eugene Oregon. I eat raw beef and liver, tillamook vanilla bean ice cream, and low sodium plain gluten free potato chips great value brand and lays too. The raw beef helps me overcome my mthfr gene. The potato chips have resistant starch that feed my butyrate producing gut bacteria and help with inflammation and fighting disease. Ice cream feeds my acid producing gut bacteria and helps me overcome the alkaline poisons. All these foods arrive at Walmart without poisons added. It is the people who work at Walmart who are attempting my murder every day by poisoning my food. It’s the same people over and over. I suggest you all just get the people who poison the food fired. It seems a lot easier than killing people or trying to change their minds. Walmart on west 11th in Eugene. It’s the same people who have been at this for months now. If they were going to change they already would have. Please take care of these people.

Fred Meyers on west 11th, I shop for meat here sometimes and I buy water from the Glacier Bay water filling station here. Plus, I buy fresh garlic to help with my c diff infection and my kidneys and heart. The garlic and water and meats have been really bad for weeks now. I dont know what you all can do to fix this. But I know I need my garlic to stay alive. I would have died last year if I didn’t figure out raw garlic.

I’m super swollen today because I celebrated my passing the state real estate license exam with a bag of chips yesterday. There was extra extra poison in them and I look super fat. I got to get clean food and water. I’m all for killing the people who are trying to kill me. I tried to be kind and understanding, but if I keep trying to be peaceful these people are going to kill me and not even feel bad about it. I say we kill some of them and then see if they fall in line better. Population control could help us all live a better life in so many ways. I have tried everything with these people. They have made it clear they dont want to be good people. They would rather be my Dads cult members and destroy us all. I say we make them drink the koolaid and get rid of them. It’s hard for me to continue to be kind when people try to kill me and steal my health and wellbeing. I value feeling good every day and they are stealing what I value every day while trying to murder me. I say murder them. And save me so we all can have a better life. I want good for everyone. These people dont want anyone to have better. It’s sad but they could cost us everything. Eliminate them in whatever way you see fit. Thank you.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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