Thursday January 19th 2023 Moon in Capricorn Sun in Capricorn Today We Reach The World

Good morning my revolutionary people. Today is a big day. Today we reach out to the world. So I need your help. We need to get all the leaders from east of Texas to tune in. Plus Alaska and Hawaii too. And then get all the leaders from all over the world to tune in. The best way I can create better for all of us is to get in communication with the world. We all are connected no matter how much we want to believe we are separate and different. We all face a lot of the same destruction because of the world my Dad created. So we are going to need to put our differences aside and work together to heal and get the better we all deserve.

I made a short list of places I need you all to really focus on getting to. But please remember everywhere is important. The sooner the world is on board and on the same page the sooner we all can move forward.

People I need access to:

🔹️Germany especially my relatives there and the people who take orders from my Dad.
🔹️United Kingdom/England especially the people in the Graves family there. And also the Royal family. The Graves and the Royal family are involved in this somehow and they intertwine. I don’t know the specifics but get them to tune in today.
🔹️Russia get everyone in Russia to tune in. I represent them and they represent me. But I have a feeling most of them have joined my Dad’s cult. May as well get everyone in Little Russia in San Francisco to tune in as well.
🔹️China.. I need to speak with the people there who helped my Dad create covid.
🔹️Ukraine … my Grandma Kudearoff’s best friend was Ukrainian so they are involved. They were also a large part of world war 2. So get them tuned in. Maybe we can get Urkrain and Russia to stop killing each other.
🔹️Korea both north and south … Korean people have been a huge supporter of me. They have made the world a lot safer and a bit easier to survive. These people are powerful and they have some extreme gene mutations. I dont know if they understand what they are doing. My Dad spent many years in Korea when in the Army. Get me connected to all the leaders in Korea who have worked with my Dad and ones he worked with in the past too.
🔹️Argentina and south American countries…. these are powerful people my Dad has declared a genocide on because they are Hispanic. We should let them know. Also I would like to connect with everyone who knows or worked with my Grandpa Graves in Argentina and their relatives. I want them to know they are welcome in America and they are no longer exiled if they choose to join us.
🔹️Canada … these people are so close to us if they dont decide to get better we dont get better. Washington get all the leaders in Canada tuned in. I need the people who support my Dad there and the people who oppose him.
🔹️Middle eastern leaders specifically ones my Dad warred with in gulf war and Afghanistan … I dont know why my Dad has had such an issue with the middle east other than oil. But we need them on board. They are powerful and I know a lot of them have joined my Dad’s cult.
Australia …. all leaders in Australia. Again I dont know much about them but I have watched documentaries that show how they destroy each other a lot like England. So let’s get these people on board.

Okay my revolutionary people those are the places to focus on. But get anyone to tune in who is willing to listen. The more people I am in touch with, the better our chances of survival and better are.

To my Military army/cult it is my job to protect you all as much as possible by not creating world wars and arguments that cause military involvement. The more leaders you all can get me in touch with that control other militaries, the better I will be able to protect you all. I know my rambles dont seem like much protection. But I have been able to reason with every group I have contacted. People do want to do better when it is an option and when they feel understood. I may not know how to fire a gun, but I know how to talk to people and make them feel understood. It’s my superpower because no one has ever understood me.

Today is a big day. The world is in your hands.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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