Thursday January 26th 2023 Moon in Aries Sun in Aquarius Symbolic Inheritance Systems and Culture

I have been reading Evolution in Four Dimensions: Genetic, Epigenetic, Behavioral, and Symbolic Variations in the History of Life. It’s a really neat book that talks about how humans become human. I started this book to understand epigenetics more. And to understand what we need to do to heal. I love learning and I definitely have some time to kill lately.

Recently since finishing real estate school, I have been thinking about how I will learn Oregon real estate contracts and everything else I need to know to get me to success in Oregon real estate. At first I thought I could rely on the team or principal broker I choose to work with. However, I recently realized while driving down west 11th one day that I have never learned something more efficiently from a person then I have from a book. It was a shocking realization. People have always been enlisted to lead me astray, overcomplicate things, and waste my time. However, I can devour a book or learning material very quickly and efficiently. Which leads me to my desired results a lot quicker and efficiently. My biggest problem with people my whole life is that they are not efficient. People who are in my Dad’s cult chose to be ineffective in most aspects of their lives. I never understood this, but I knew people were suboptimal in many aspects.

Today I realized how through human evolution my experience with people and learning has been shaped and created. And I also learned how this has effected you all. Are you ready for me to explain this? It’s all still new to me, but it is something you all need to know to understand how you are being short changed in another very impactful way.

There are four inheritance systems: genetic, epigenetic, behavioral, and symbolic. These are how we are shaped to be who we are. Gene is just what genes you have. You are a combination of Gene’s from your mom and dad. Gene’s dont compromise. You are a collective of genes from both your parents. And then epigenetics is how these genes express themselves. How you live and think and the world you exist in effect your epigenetics. Behavioral inheritance is how you are shaped by the way people around you act. And it’s not always a direct action that takes place in front of you. For instance, what your mom ate during pregnancy with you are foods that you will have a preference for. This is a behavioral inheritance even though you didn’t see it. Your body experienced it during gestation and you formed a preference for those foods.

Then lastly is the symbolic inheritance systems. This is words, symbols, numbers, images, etc. Everything we pass down that is not learned through Gene’s or epigenetics and not learned from watching people is symbolic. The written word is symbolic. Religion is a combination of symbolic and behavioral. Culture is also a combination of symbolic and behavioral.

However, with everyone having dyslexic gene mutations and epigenetic triggers we are disconnected from the symbolic inheritance systems. Also with our c diff infections that make it hard to think clearly we are cut off from the symbolic inheritance systems.

See my Brother is proud that he has never finished a book in his life. Reading and symbols were really hard for him as a kid and as an adult because of his dyslexia. When symbols are backwards and mixed up it’s hard to decipher what they mean. Plus when our c diff infections are effecting our ability to think clearly and logically, it is really hard to decipher symbols. Math is still hard for me when I get into the complex stuff and I have never fully learned another language because my brain fog or ability to think clearly have been unable to support this kind of intense symbolic deciphering. I have not tried either of these things recently. But I’m sure now that I can think more clearly I could do it. However, I just always assumed I wasn’t cut out for these things. So I’m sure a lot of you all just assumed that you weren’t meant to be book smart. In reality you just have to work on your infections and epigenetics and you will realize how smart you really are. Just like I did. You have been stolen from yourselves just like I was.

So most of you assumed the symbolic inheritance systems were not for you. However, when you did this it left you reliant on the behavioral inheritance system. You looked towards people to find the answers you seek rather than books. Just like my Dad aims to eliminate church and state he has eliminated symbols too. This makes you vulnerable to people. If you only look at the behaviors of others to figure things out and dont fact check those behaviors with facts found in symbols you will be vulnerable to destroying yourself and others and believing it is normal. You all who have given up the symbolic inheritance systems literally have a different culture than those of us who still rely on the symbolic inheritance systems. And then there are people like me who mostly rely on the symbolic inheritance systems because people have lied to them their whole lives in an effort to destroy them. Our culture depends on what system we choose to inherit information from.

So those of you like my Brother who dont read books are vulnerable to existing in a culture created by my Dad where people all act the same in an effort to normalize destruction and dysfunction. No one in my Dad’s cult has potential of any sort. Yet, people in books and other symbol systems are all about potential. This is why I am so attached to the people I have read about. The symbol inheritance systems cannot be censored to fit my Dad’s agenda and cult as easily. This is why I can still read medical studies online. Sure social media is informative but it uses the behavioral inheritance systems to teach people social norms which fit the agenda of my Dad’s cult. People who value the symbolic inheritance systems are rarely popular on social media. Even though through a darawism prospective smart people are the ones who should have their genes live on the most. However my Dad has created a survival of the weakest by dictating what the behavioral inheritance systems teach people. You wanted to join his cult because people’s behaviors lead you there. But did you ever fact check the things my Dad’s cult was getting you to do with the symbolic inheritance systems? If my Dad says 2 +2=5 did you ever sit down and actually do the math to check if he was right? Or did you just look around at the behaviors of others and say he must be right?

Symbols are a check and balance just like church and state. Monkey see monkey do.

I urge you all to pick up a book or some other symbolic inheritance system tool. You were taught to believe you were not book smart because it allows for you to be brainwashed easier.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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