Thursday July 21 2022 Moon in Taurus Sun in Cancer Birthrights, Destruction. & the Big Picture

Well, the Graves side of my family is more fancy than I ever imagined. You all have been taking orders from my Fad and Brother just based on our last name. You all had no clue who we really are. So many of you Republicans even followed my Dad over to the dark side. You all thought the world would be brighter over there. However, how can life ever be bright or better w oui thought potential? When everyone is kept in a pain state like my Dad and the Kudearoffs like to the only thing that is guaranteed is that those people will perpetuate the pain they are feeling and experiencing. If you want to create evil people you keep them in pain and get them in a malnourished state. Did you all not pay attention during history class when they were teaching you about the Holocaust? If you want to make ruthless people you have to take everything away from them and then offer them privilege for carrying out orders of destruction. When people destroy their own people for privilege the world is destined for darkness.

My Grandpa Kudearoff was a slav. Which means he was a slave. I’m not sure how he ended up with my Grandma Kudearoff. I’m not real sure about a lot of things when it comes to my family. However, slavery ended over 100 years ago. Who the fuck do you think you are that you have to enslave others to experience potential? Potential is something you earn through hard work and dedication. Potential is an inside job. You have to decide you are worthy of it and then do the things necessary to achieve it. Potential is not something someone can gift you with. You have to earn your potential with God. Not with other people who have to enslave others to feel greater than and worthy.

So many people look down on me like I’m the clueless one, but honestly I feel sorry for you all. You all have never known love or potential. You know trauma bonds and destruction. I may not know human love, but my babies aka my dogs aka my munchkins have taught me love. I have never tried to destroy them or hurt them. Sure they have taken part in some healing and health experiments with me that didn’t work out as planned. But I’ve always had good intentions with them. I do the best I can for them Always because I love them. I can’t say that about humans. I have never tried my hardest with a human. And I’m betting you all have never tried your hardest period. Because it’s hard. It’s not the easy way out. But just because something is difficult does not mean it is not worth it. The things in life worth fighting for are hard. Because easy comes easy. Easy is not rewarding. Because it’s easy.

So I dont know where we go from here. I’m literally the offspring and descendant of some of the great evil in the world. I told you all its within my birthrights fo create world wars. My great grandpa sold the world on enslaving the Jews. And here I am selling you on equality because we deserve better. We all deserve better. But no one is going to hand us better we have to earn it. You earn better by being better. It’s not something you will be handed. Its something you work for everyday. No matter how hard it gets. You work for it. You earn yourself better. And you do that in the everyday little decisions you make. You decide not to use your car as a weapon of destruction but rather as a way to get places and be a productive human. You decide to use less plastic in your daily life to prevent cancer and fatty liver. You stop poisoning people when go places. Because you can’t destroy another without destroying yourself on an epigenetic level. Your DNA knows what your doing no matter how much you rationalize it. You will be held responsible for your covert war crimes when you die. But the good news is you have a lot of time to make up for what you have done. God believes in balance he knows humans are fallible. Are you ready to be a good human and gave better? Because you have to earn better. No one is going to hand you better. They will offer to hand you destruction and privilege but that’s just a way to get you to perpetuate the destruction and pain we all feel and experience. You are the one who gets to decide if we get a brighter and better world. You are the deciding factor. Do you believe yourself to be worthy of better? Do you believe your children to be worthy of better? Do you believe the generations to come deserve better? You get to decide right here and right now. You get to decide. You are all powerful in this moment and for forever to come. What are you going to choose for us all?

it’s your choice.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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