Thursday July 21 2022 Moon in Taurus Sun in Cancer Fancier Than I Thought

Thursday July 21 2022 Moon in Taurus Sun in Cancer Fancier Than I Thought

So mr and mrs Hitler had my Grandma Laverne Lippe (maden name Bennit) this is my Dads Mom. My dads older sister inherited both Mr and mrs hitlers birthrights which I inherited from her.

My grandpa graves is an only child and his middle name was Amanda. He was a south American big time. He only came to visit me once as a child. And then came back to the us to have my dad and mom kill him in Houston Texas. I sat and watched. I remember a dog food commercial that looked amazing because they were starving me at the time. But my Grandpa Graves had Amanda’s birthright and his south America Dads birthright. Both those went to my Aunt penny and I inherit those from her. This is why my Aunt penny never had to marry and have kids. I think she’s beyond fancy.
So I’m 4 times more fancy than my Aunt Lana per birthright rules. And I still have all the #2 birthrights on top of that all. I think this should earn me something. I dont understand the rules of the covert war, but there is a reason the armies dropped out of this war again me.

Can I order you all to stop listening to my Aunt Lana? Can I order you all to give me an insurance job? Can I order you all to be good people? What good do birthrights like mine do that have almost killed me my whole life if I can’t make orders to save my own life?

I order you all to follow the covert war rules. Do what your parents taught you to do. Honor all the people who came before us. They believed in order and rules. Otherwise this is just chaos.

Oh and I inherit my mom and dads birthrights. I dont know if they are fancy but I suppose they are. So that makes 6 birthright plus my #2s. So I should get to live to be an old white lady that does at a very old age. Mr Hitler died in her 90s, my grandma Lippe is still alive and my aimunt penny too. White women get to live to be old. We dont have to kill people to walk into our power. We are born with it.

So I have 6 fancy birthrights from 3 of the fanciest families in Ww2. Can we stop this man hunt against me please?

Oh it’s more than that because I didn’t count my grandpa graves himself and my grandma laverne Lippe originally bennit.

So that’s 8. Geez I’m fancy. I don’t know what this all means but I think it means I have earned a place of safety not only in Redmond, but all of the world. You all think about it and get back to me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves 1