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You know Teka being kidnapped isn’t just about breaking me. It’s a message that if I ever have children they will be taken away too. My whole life basically my family has been waiting for me to breed so they could steal my child and kill me. Some things never change. If they are unable to kill me before I breed they will just steal the child and continue to try to kill me. Nothing has changed to them. I’m their property because of the birthrights they gave me and I have gone rogue. I’m just a casualty of war. A war I had no clue I was born into until 485 days ago.

My Grandpa Graves lived in a compound in Argentina because of my Dad huh? He was just trying to survive the war himself. What did my Grandma and Grandpa do to create my Dad? I kind of need to know so I dont fo it to my children.

You want to know how narcissists are created? As children you dote on them and spoil them, but neglect their human needs. So basically the whole world is raising narcissists because we ignore our children’s physical, emotional, and basic needs by poisoning them and not attending to their health.

Where is my Aunt Penny? Shes in Texas somewhere. Why doesn’t she stand up to my Dad? Its because she doesn’t have an army to compete with my Dads professional army. Police, school teachers, bus drivers, road worker, TV news anchors, school district officials, government officials, politicians, etc. They all make up my Dads professional army and cocreate the Truman show we all live in. However, if questioned about it they would say they are just following orders. Just like the SS soldiers in the Holocaust and just like the farmers now.

Here I am, one lady with the birthrights fo stop the chaos, but I can’t escape the chaos of the Truman show we all exist in. I have won over my Dads military army and created the largest army of people who seek potential of anyone in my family even my Dad. Yet no one will protect me. Or help me change the world with my overt life. The overt world is the only place I can really save us all.

Hello hello is my Dads military army out there? Are you listening? I’m a national treasure in human form. Will you please help protect me? I just need a little help. You all were more than willing to try to kill me, why is it such a far fetched idea to protect the person who can give you the freedom and world you seek? We all have been enslaved on a gene level and yet you all refuse to take action. Where do the people with courage and grit live? Who are they? I’m no stranger to the pain my family and especially father can create. Everyday I wake up knowing I dont have a personal place in my own logical brain. If I want privacy in my own head I have to use the creative part of my brain. I have a C Diff infection that has caused me health problems since birth. It’s so bad raw meat is the only real safe thing for me to eat. Sure, I cheat and est real food occassionally but I always pay for it later. I have never known human love. No one has ever been allowed to return my love. I understand the pain my family can create better than anyone. And yet here I am willing to stand up for a world that never tried to stand up for me. I’m invisible to the overt world unless I go to the bathroom outside. I have been invisible my whole life. And here I am begging for your help for 485 days and no one will help me. No one will help me get my dog back and no one will help me change the world. Where am I supposed to go from here?

I understand I’m asking the world of you people, but dont you understand I have had to survive the unthinkable just to be here. And the fact that my heart is still intact and I want to help you all is a miracle. Good behavior is supposed to be rewarded. My whole life my family has tried to prove to me that only evil behavior is rewarded. Why are you all following suit and doing the same thing?

I just need someone on my side. Maybe you all want the Mexican Berlin wall to go up and I’m in the wrong. If that’s what you all really want just tell me. Maybe I can give into some of the destruction of it has logical roots. I just need someone on my side. I can’t do this on my own. I need your help. Help me please. I’m drowning in plain sight and no one can see me. Help me.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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