Thursday July 28th 2022 Moon in Leo Sun in Leo Dear Salem

Dear Salem

How’s my favorite communication hub doing? Its been awhile. So much has happened since I have seen you all. Its overwhelming.

I last saw you all before I made my trip up to Washington last. There have been several trips everywhere, but I feel like in the most recent trip to Washington I did the most we could ever expect. They are all in with us. It was a hard sell, but I didn’t understand my birthrights fully. So it took some convincing. However, now I realize I have so many more fancy birthrights from my Dad’s side of the family and war games then I ever expected. I have my Grandpa Graves and both his parents. And I have my grandma Lippe aka Bennit and both her parents aka mr and Mrs Hitler. And I have my parents. Talk about fancy. One day I hope for these birthrights to be more than a disability.

Salem, I really needed to talk to you all because you light up my mirror neurons and make my brain produce oxytocin. My mirror Neurons dont work like everyone else’s so I’m not sure why you make them fire. I think its because you really care about me and you have proven it over and over. I can’t thank you all enough for that. You all are special to me. You all jumped on board before I knew anything other than my family lying about me being dead and us all deserving better. Boy how the times have changed. We all still deserve so much better, but we had clue just how much better we deserve.

So I’m sure you all have been keeping up. The Redmond Republican farmers called their people out of this war against me. That was the last group from the war games that I needed to stop hunting me. The only people left are my Dads professional army but we should really call the a cult. And even most of them have dropped out. Now it’s mostly just new recruits. It’s as if they have not been paying attention to what has been going on. It’s weird and frustrating. They are out for privilege and themselves at the price of everyone’s destruction even their own. I don’t understand my Dads cult and I have been surrounded by them for a lifetime. Funny how the military army he had was so much quicker to catch on. And the professional army/cult is supposed to be the educated people. Yet, they are the only ones left fighting for my Dad and against the war games.

So I been meaning to talk to you all about the professional cult. It seems like Salem should be filled with them. And yet you all have sided with me from the get go. Sacramento hates me. They are mostly farmers and professional cult people. From Redding to Seattle it’s mostly good people. The professional army still surrounds us, but I am able to speak logic to you all and you all understand. Sacramento and south was harder. San Francisco was so alive inside even though they are professionals they didn’t seem to be too engulfed in my Dads cult. San Fran was nice. But so was La. You all helped me find the souther La farmers who trump my Dad. I had no clue what I had done last November but wow I accomplished the unthinkable again without knowing it. Pretty cool huh?

So world war 3 and the Mexican Berlin wall. What are you all’s thoughts. I’m not for it, but I’m having a heck of a time finding some back up. I understand a world war is overwhelming. But we are at war. It’s not a matter if if, we are here. It’s a matter of should we fight it should we roll over and play dead. You all are fighters and I love that about you all. I’m a fighter too. Someone has to be because we still deserve so much better than all this.

I found the Southern LA farmers and they helped me get most of the professional cult to drop out but my Dad is recruiting to get his numbers back up. Its people who are blinded by privilege. They can’t see past themselves and what they want and desire in this moment. I dont have time to teach them love and get them to see the error of their ways. After being revolutionary for 485 days I know that’s a year long project. I will work on it, but that can’t be my only plan of attack.

I have asked all the farmers to team up with me, but especially the southern LA farmers because my Dad has a plan in place to knock them out of power with the next changing of the guard. When that happens my Dad and Brother and whoever else my Dad has lined up to be in control will have no more checks and balances. None whatsoever. Talk about scary. However, no one seems to understand that this will be the end of us all. The only way the Southern LA farmers can stop this is by breeding with me to create a child to rule the war games who is Hispanic and non Hispanic south American and super fancy. You would think they would appreciate me offering to do something for them my Dad has been dying to get me to do for him for a lifetime. However they are scared of him. And I get it, hes scary. But hes even scarier without checks and balances to keep him in line somewhat. He always breaks the rules, my whole family does.

So Salem, I need your help I dont kniw where to go from here. I mean I know in my overt life I’m going to go back to Eugene/Springfield and get a job that’s designed to keep me small and destroy me. But where do I go with this revolution from here? Who are my Dad’s enemies besides the farmers? I know there is the middle east, but I have to be honest they kind of scare me. I’m not afraid of evil people but they scare me. I dont think that’s a good move.

Can you all get information to Argentina? I know I have family there. They are going to be blocked out by the wall my Dad is building. I know I am safer in Argentina. To them I will represent hope and freedom. It’s scary to think about going so far out if my comfort zone. I dont speak Spanish well. But I can learn. My family in Argentina has to have some people here in the states. Where are they? Where are the white south Americans? I saw some north of La but south of Sacramento and San Francisco. Are all the South Americans farmers? Do all the white south Americans hate the Hispanic people? There has got to be someone or a group of people who understand the severity of what is happening. Salem I know you all have a large Hispanic population. You all have to help me help you all. Where can I find an alley in the world war 3 that my Dad started decades ago? We dont have the time or the option to sit in denial we have to act fast.

What about Mexico? There have to be some fancy farmers and families in Mexico. If I could find some of these fancy people in a place of power we could work together. I have no problem crossing the border and joining forces with my Dads enemies. Of course I would need to know I would be safe. I dont know how I would know to trust someone but I have to believe my guts will lead me in the right direction. They have worked so far. I have to have faith and believe God has a plan not only for me but for all of us.

So Salem, I need you all to help me find the Hispanic decision makers and fancy families both in the US and south of the border. I know I’m asking a lot, but you all have always come through for me. You have a way of spreading information that no one else has been able to top even me.

If my Dad is going to be a dictator over here and take out the power of the southern LA farmers, then I need to team up with people of power on the Hispanic side because this is going to be a really messy war. If the wall goes up at the Mexican border it could be decades before we get it down. Just like the Berlin wall. If I can’t get the people on this side to fight back, my only hope is the people my Dad seeks to block out and punish. I have lived at war my whole life. I dont want anyone to experience what I have. Yet, so many people will if world war 3 goes unopposed.

Salem, please help me. I need to find allies for this war in my overt life. I need to be kept safe. The closer to my family I am the more in danger I am. Help me keep us all safe by helping find refuge. If I go away its my safest bet on staying alive and fulfilling my destiny. Once again my life is in you all’s hands. But it’s not just my life, it’s the whole world. No pressure or anything. Lol. Sorry I had to, can you imagine what this feels like to me? It’s so much. I need a vacation so badly where I get to eat clean raw meat, watch some Netflix in Spanish, and smoke some pot in bed with my Haywood.

I have my passport and my Hay has his tetness shot certificate. We are ready to get out of here, when the time right. And by my watch the sooner the better.

I miss you all. Thank you for making me feel loved and supported from the very beginning before I knew anything or even who I am. You all will always have a special place in my heart. And I never want to stop talking to you all. Even if I move south we will have to continue our talks.

Thank you for being the best communication hub a girl could ask for.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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