Thursday March 16th 2023 Moon in Capricorn Sun in Pisces Another Group Hunting Me

I have hives all over my body because people have been poisoning me so much. I have not had a night of sleep in almost a week. They keep me up all night with lead poisons and cars and people in the houses near me. Everyone loves to put poison bombs in their trash cans and pretend its trash day everywhere I go. This morning a black man woke me and Haywood up by taping a flyer about white superiority on my window. My hives got worse when I walked Haywood because so many people poisoned us. I want to believe I can eat every day but I know better. Things like this happen when I eat everyday.

And now there is a group of French Canadians gangstalking me who don’t know what is happening. The arent from Washington. They arent the ones with really dark black hair from eastern Seattle. They are more fair and have a lot of morally flexible ethnic friends. My guess is they are from middle American and Canada. But like the middle west of Michigan but east of Washington. How have I not reached these people? How have we not reached these people? How have their leaders not reached these people? Who are their leaders because they walked out of the grocery story with shame. And my water is the most poisonous it has been in a long time. I have toxins floating through my body so much I have hives all over. I’m really frustrated and angry. But first things first. I have something to say to everyone later tonight. But right now I need you all’s help reaching these people left fighting. They have a lot of diesel engines and the look similar to my uncle jeff but they aren’t directly related. I even saw someone with Jasmin Crumps nose. So it’s her relatives. But really it’s just a whole bunch of people who are not kept in the know more than anyone else we have been able to reach. I am guessing my uncle Jeff likes to keep his people in the dark and away from news about what is happening because it makes them easier to control. They also may be related to my uncle Brett’s Dad. I have seen a few people with genes similar to Basil Cramer. So Salem and everyone can you all please help get these fair skinned french canadians and their more flexible ethnic friends in on what is happening. They deserve to know. I deserve for them to stop poisoning me. It may take a week of fasting to heal my hives. But I’m hoping it will be better soon.

Also there is a cloud of smoke and smog over Eugene/Springfield again. People are burning the poisoned firewood. We need to get this to stop immediately. Leaders and farmers who is in charge of these wild cards from the north of middle America? And who do we need to get in touch with to get them to act human and stop fighting this war? Let’s all get this done as soon as possible. I need some clean air really badly.

Thank you everyone. I appreciate you all.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

Ps I just saw a boy related to my cousin Shelbis brother Kyle dalton I believe was his last name.

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