Thursday March 2 2023 Moon in Leo Sun in Pisces Day 702

Today is day 702 and I got kicked out of the church parking lot by the police today. My Dad had people gangstalking me and parking overnight and making a mess. So I’m glad I had a somewhat safe and quiet place to be for a year. But now I’m back to being more vulnerable and having to find places to park throughout the city.

I applied for low income housing earlier this week for when I get income from working real estate. So I’m on a waiting list for that. And today I applied for their car camping program. But these programs will leave me vulnerable to being around other people. Which is never good for me. Desperate people and well off people are the two extremes that are the worst to me. Rich people are just as desperate as poor people. The people in the middle treat me the best because they don’t have anything to prove.

So today starts a new chapter with new challenges. I suppose I parked at the church parking lot for a year just to drop out of the world and hang out with God. I suppose it is time for me to start living my life in the overt world again. I knew it was time but I would be lying if I said I was looking forward to it. I’m just tired of the struggle. 702 days is a long time to be revolutionary and deal with all this daily attempted murder stuff. I’m so bloated and swollen from my food being so poisoned yesterday. I probably should wait a few days to eat, but I probably will just do my fasting day today and eat again tomorrow. Maybe in March I can force myself to do more prolonged fasting, rather than just eating every other day. I cant eat the poison so often. It’s killing me and Haywood.

Last night they kept me up with lead poisons all night and I finally realized what the Danish farmer lady was telling me the other day. She was telling me about the world. She explained the middle men to me. I never fully grasped everything, but I finally get it. The Danish people weren’t just in charge of the west coast, it was most of the United states. And they deserve it all back. They were better at managing people and getting things done.

So this is what I learned. The people I call the Scandinavians are the Danish people. They are the Nazis who escaped to Scandinavia and breed with the people there. However there are the Nazis who fled to Scandinavia who did not breed with the locals there. These are the superior white people.

Then there are the nazis who fled to Argentina like Hitler and my family. These people who mixed with the locals like my grandpa Graves are the South Americans as I call them. However there are the superior white people who did not mix with the Argentinians. These are the superior white people from Arizona and the leaders from Texas. This is why the superior white people in Washington and Oregon connect with Arizona. However, the Argentinians who mixed control California and Florida. This explains the southern LA farmers and Tony from Florida who was born in California. Argentians also are present in Texas, New Jersey, New York, and Vegas. We are the most powerful in the mafia. However the superior white people hate this about us. They view us as sell outs because our relatives mixed with ethnic people for power. They view us as less than for this because they didn’t sell out for power to preserve their purity and create multiple gene mutations.

So the Danish people got here quicker and have greater numbers. They were in charge of most of the United states, except for the south and some of the east coast. However my Dad stole from them in the 1980s and it had to do with the Berlin wall coming down and my grandma Kudearoff dying. When my Dad killed my Grandpa Graves he got more power and things went downhill quickly.

So the Redmond farmers are the Danish people. They are powerful enough to keep my Dad out of their land and east of I5. This is why I have never been to much of middle America. This is why the middle men have wider bone structure. But it is also why they are able to boss the superior white people around. I just don’t understand why the Danish leaders have been so slow to help me. And I especially do not understand why they let my Dad kill my dog in Redmond. I suppose my humanity is hurt and getting in the way. I have the world to offer so many people. But people are so reluctant to be good to me and do the right thing even though it’s in their best interest. Me being alive is the only chance the world has of escaping world war 3 alive. Yet you all don’t seem to understand how important it is to keep me safe. Why do you all want me to die when I’m the only hope you all have? Why am I not worth fighting for? Because fighting for me is fighting for yourselves. Why have you all given up on fighting for yourselves? When did you loose all hope and just give into the destruction? It must have been a long time ago. I have lost hope a few times in my life too. It’s hard to be this destroyed and hold onto hope. Hope hurts when it’s in vain. But after 702 days of fighting this revolution by myself in the overt world have I proven to you all yet that there is hope? Have I proven I am worth fighting for because you are worth fighting for? Have I proven to you all that change is possible? I sure hope so because I can’t do this alone any longer. I’m tired. My organs are failing. And my hope is starting to fade. I know I can help the world overcome the things my family have done. But I know I can’t do it alone. I have been trying to prove myself to you all for 702 days. Have I proven myself and earned your support and help? Because the world may be behind me in the covert world, you may even be excited and rooting for me in the covert world, but I’m alone and homeless with my dog in the overt world. And my organs are failing and I’m tired and I’m tired of trying to prove myself. What else do I need to do to earn your approval? What do I need to do to earn your support in the overt world? Because I hate this imaginary game we all play. It’s killing me every day and I just want to live in the real world. Have I earned a place in the real world with you all yet?

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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