Thursday September 1st 2022 Moon in Scorpio Sun in Virgo A Revolution Without Internet

Thursday September 1st 2022 Moon in Scorpio Sun in Virgo Testing Testing Is This Thing On?

Hello Everyone!
Tonight we test our ability to stay connected without using the internet. We need to be able to talk even if I cannot access my blog and/or phone. If someone does try to hurt or really kidnap me, I need to know you all will be able to hear me. And not just the people who are in my vicinity. I need to know you all can broadcast me up and down the west coast especially. But I also need to know you all can help me reach the world. I’m not so much a revolution nowadays as I am the war games.
Now I realize I have not been fighting the war games my whole life as much as I have been fighting and surviving my Dad’s cult. I may not agree with everything in the war games, but I love logical order and we all need the order the war games provide us in order to have clear boundaries on how to create success in our own lives. Success should and needs to be able to be something we strive and obtain with hard work and dedication. Not something we do deeds of destruction to be granted with. So the war games have become the revolution. And I’m so very proud of you all for the progress we made yesterday and today.
Removing the people who choose to honor my Dads cult, but still wish to retain their privilege from the war games was us standing up for ourselves like never before. If our birthrights hold us back from overt successes than why should we allow people who hold us back to retain their privilege. Because they are just going to hold us back more and destroy not only us but the systems we live by. You did great and I’m beyond proud to be fighting for the war games with you all. Never in my life did I think when I started this revolution I would be on the same side as the war games. But I’m in such good company. You all are my family and not in the bad way like I want to destroy you and pull the wool over your eyes. But in the good way like we are going to change the world together and create ripple effects of love in the world. When people come together for a common cause and put their differences aside its amazing how powerful we can be. And those differences start to fade because we become family. I’m proud to be one of you all.
So I saw really ordinary people today. There were no morbidly obese people at the grocery stores today. There also were not very educated people at the grocery stores today. The skin color of the people working at Safeway changed over night literally. My Dad really has the lock down on the grocery stores. I still find this shocking. I’m not sure how to overcome his presence in the grocery stores and food supply but we will figure it out. All the answers come with time.

Who are the redheads? Are they the Irish people? Amber is Irish. My friend Christine from Redding is Irish and she has been trying to contact me by phone. Why are the Irish people still fighting this war against me? Why do they believe themselves to be super fancy? I still haven’t figured it out. But they are convinced they are fancy and they have quite the egos to match this fancy.
So Graves is English like Britain English. We have a code of arms or whatever. We are apart of the fancy people there. I dont understand how it works completely, but I know I am the fanciest one in the Graves family and so I’m pretty sure that means the Irish people need to adhere to what I say or at least not try to kill me with my Dad. So tonight I need you all to get my messages to Europe. My Dads cult is worldwide and I need them to understand working for my Dad is Treason and a crime that will displace them from the power they are granted by their war games birthrights.
My Dad’s military army, I need you all to help with this. I know you all listen in and I know a lot of you are #2s. I’m a #2 too. You and me we bleed the same. You could have been born with my birthrights. And I could have been born with yours. We are the same. We all have been assigned the role of protecting the people and the war games. I need you all to help me do my job by doing your job. We need to defend the people from a threat that will take us all out of power if not eliminated soon. This means spreading information. When people know better they do better. We need to allow people the chance to do better. This means the whole world of people. Not just the people on the west coast I have reached personally. I know I have reached all the United states, but I dont know about the world. The world needs to understand my Dads cult is participating in not just creating world war 3, but they are perpetuating world war 2 just on a different continent. The Mexican Berlin Wall will just be the beginning. We are all being destroyed because my dad started his cult with his worldwide military army. His 18 years in the Army was a way for him to create a cult to enslave the world. The military army dropped out and most people who retired from the military dropped out. However there are still people who joined from his military army and graduated into his professional cult worldwide who are partaking in things they dont fully understand. The people I saw fighting today dont fully understand what they are doing. Its frustrating for me because I see things so differently than you all.

Let me explain what I have been studying lately. Your gut bacteria is something that we all subconsciously see/feel. People with more diverse gut bacteria and microbiomes are more influential. This is a survival mechanism. All mammals are wired to survive. Its apart of your reptilian brain. If you are a wild animal it programs your brain to be influenced by the healthiest mammals in your species and or pack. You dont want to take advice from a sick pack member. He probably cant hunt well and you should listen to the pro hunter for survival advice. You are programmed to survive and do well at it, just like all mammals. You need health to survive well.
This mechanism that is built in to your brain involves your mirror neurons. Mirror neurons mean when you see someone do something it makes your brain react as if you are doing the thing. So you see a prime speciment of your species doing something and this makes your mirror Neurons fire like crazy because your brain says hey you need to do this to survive. However, when you see a lesser than version of your same species doing something your mirror neurons are not as quick to fire because they see the actions that version of your species as not as desirable because that speciment does not have as desirable gut bacteria diversity aka influence aka health. Your survival brain only wants you to be more like people who are good at survival. Your brain uses your mirror neurons to make you better by making people with more diverse gut bacteria more influential. So you see someone winning at life and your mirror Neurons fire like crazy so you are more motivated to win at life too and so their actions are something you view as desirable. Your brain wants you to be successful. It wants you to mirror successful people. Your gut bacteria is how your mirror Neurons and brain dictate success and who to view with influence. This is all subconscious most of the time. Unless you consciously think about what is happening in your brain and study it like I do.
The systems my Dad has created to con us all into destroying ourselves use our mirror Neurons against us. I suppose the war games always have used mirror Neurons, but my dad takes it further. This is why he has all his cult members poison each other all the time. It erodes their gut bacteria. The more he erodes their bacteria, the more influential he will become. My Dad has awful gut bacteria. He has cancer. He has a super bad C Diff infection. In order for you not to see past the smoke and mirrors and wizard behind the curtain he needs to erode your gut bacteria as much as possible and quickly as possible. This way he has influence over your reptilian brain before your logical brain has a chance to say hey does this guy really know what he is talking about?
It’s all smoke and mirrors and he’s just a wizard behind the curtain.

Today at the grocery stores, I saw people with eroded gut bacteria who were listening to their reptilian brains and mirror neurons. They are lost and dont even know it. Smart people know when to say when. When you know better you do better because even your reptilian brain will say hey we are about survival. No one wants to sign up for a suicide mission when they fully understand what is happening. The people I saw today did not fully understand. We need to make sure everyone fully understands what is happening. Life is about survival even in the most basic and simple parts of our brains. People who sign up to be apart of my Dad’s cult view it as survival of the fittest. We need to let them know it’s not. Its survival for no one. My Dad represents death. People need to see this. I am unsure of how to convince the ordinary people I saw taking part in his cult today of what’s happening. But I know you all can convince them because you all knew they existed. I had never seen people like I saw today before. But you all not only knew they existed but you have interacted with them before. And these kind of people exist worldwide. I need everyone worldwide to know being associated with my Dad’s cult is a death sentence. It will hijack your mirror neurons and make them a weapon against you. It will be the death of you. And the weapon is your brain, your reptilian brain. The same brain that reptiles have will be used against you. And it will cost you your life.

I realized today how my Dad changed and died when I was young. Something happened when I was about 4yrs old, about 1985ish. My Dad quit the military and stayed home with me eating ice cream in pjs and having PTSD. My mom found great joy in it, so it has to be something pretty bad. I believe it has something to do with the middle east and then the gulf war. Something happened to my Dad in the military that made him quit. He was traumatized. And he only ate ice cream for months. Ice cream grows c Diff very quickly. Especially when you eat it in great quantities without eating much else. This is when the last part of my Dad’s humanity died. He never really glowed big with happiness again after that. He always was clenching his jaw even when he smiled afterwards. This is when C Diff stole his humanity beyond repair. Well, its repairable but he never wanted to repair or replace it. That’s why he has colon cancer.
I ate ice cream today and I ate it a couple days ago. I ate ice cream in Bisbee Arizona last time almost 4 years ago. And today I realized as long as I eat enough raw garlic or take other antifungals, it’s not as bad of a weapon of destruction. Taking natural antibiotics and antifungals has kept me alive. I encourage you all to take efforts to cleanse your body even if you are eating crap. It’s all about balance. Eat the ice cream but take the raw garlic or eat some coconut oil. Shoot eat coconut milk ice cream and still take the garlic. Life is about balance, not being perfect. Just do things every day to be better. And you will get better. It’s really that easy.

And lastly I need a job. I know the Koreans, the farmers, the leaders of the middle men pushed for me to be treated fairly in the overt world. And it worked a bit. I got callbacks and interviews but people still aren’t treating fairly. You all heard my last interview. So maybe you all can push a little more for me to be treated fairly. And maybe the Irish leaders can join in and be revolutionary with us all in the war games and help me get some fair treatment. You all are fancy, I just haven’t figured out how or why yet. So maybe you all can use your fancy to help us all out. Because my survival is the only way out of this mess for us all. I’m all about being a trooper and living in a war zone but I need a break and a job is just the break we all need me to have. Winter is coming and I need to be able to afford shelter this winter.

Okay my revolutionary people. This was our first shot at a worldwide message without the internet. I hope it works.
And how have the war games kept people without fancy birthrights in line for generations? Can we go ahead and do that to the people who are signing up to be in my dads cult and commit treason? It seems like now would be a good time to utilize people’s mirror Neurons to get them to fall in line. Thank you.

Love Always
Nicole D Graves

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