Today At 4pm…

Today at 4pm, I need you all to give me the names of people I should reach out to. I understand I cannot reach out to just anyone, they have to be immune to the darkness of my family. The bosses I had before who saw my value paid dearly for what they did. They were not from here they did not know better. I did not know better. Please do not do anything on the outside, just think it. I know there are others like me who have escaped, I just need to connect with one of them because if I have a partner in this: We will win!

I lost my connection for a couple days, but it is back(do not wear tampons and especially do not buy them at Albertson’s). However, in those couple days you all changed a lot. Even with the sunglasses and the no eye contact, I can read you and they can’t stop that. This is my superpower, I see people for who they really are. Rather than who they claim to be(when I take my binders). My parents and family taught me this, because they have lied and been covert since I was 4. Before that they were very overt and never kind about their demands to join the dark side, but they did have love for me. I think it was more love for what they planned on me doing for them. We all know how this backfired on all of us.

What would you do if you were me to save us all? Think about your plans today, because I need all the covert unnoticeable help I can get! Everyday, but especially today.

Love you all


P.S. I hope you know my kindness is not in exchange for anything. I just aim to lead by example. I want you all to see it is possible and feels good to be a good person.

P.S. Bud I will never loose hope for you, I love you. I understand you have to poison me. It is okay. I need you to survive long enough for me to save us. You know this has always been my goal, I am just running really behind schedule. I am proud of you everyday, just like I tell my munchies. More and more. I see you for how amazing you really are. Never doubt yourself because I think you are just as smart as me just in ways I do not understand. You have something I will never have and I hope you see that Everyday. It is going to be okay, I may not know how, but I know! The dead people told me when I was 8 and saw them in person. Sounds crazy, but shoot if that was going to stop me it would have a long time ago.

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