Today Was A Message To You All, Huh?

What they did to the broker’s Father that I contacted in Colorado who saw my worth was a message to you all, huh? It must be nice to have the luxury to attach to people. I learned early that anything I loved would be taken away painfully. Everyone I love is dead. I gave up on humans a long time ago. I think they call this anti-social, except once again I am missing the need to destroy so I don’t fit the criteria perfectly.

We have been at war my whole life. I may have not been in on all the secrets and rules, but I have known we were at war. My Mom killed my favorite neighbor lady when I was 4 and my Grandma painfully slow when I was 8. I have known the casualties of war are often the ones you love. Thus, why I have not had children.

However, I cannot give up. I have to have hope that I can find someone not in on the war games like me, but who see hows humans are something to keep at arms distance. Does the world know I am alive yet? How about the nation? What will happen when they all find out? Will anything happen?

What else have they lied to you all about? What else have they lied to me about? What would you all do if you were me? How can I find people not in on the war games, is there a rhyme or reason behind keeping some of us in the dark? Just think the answers to yourself and I will be able to tune into the collective and find them.

If I give up more people will be casualties of war and die than if I keep going.


Nicole Graves

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