Too Much Hope Is Dangerous

My biggest flaw is too much hope and the refusal to give up on people. I will forgive someone over and over and always have hope that they will choose to be a good person. Can you imagine how much this has hurt me being from my family?

My family will forever prey on my greatest weakness which is them and my desire for love from them. I believe people to be good, but I understand even good people make mistakes. My people and your children are just like me. We forgive even when most would not. I hope this gives you hope.

My Mom and my Dad are two of a kind, but my Dad does not like to appear to be the bad guy like my Mom enjoys. They make quite the team, still till this day. They thought they had me under control, but once again they just had me poisoned and brainwashed. Being around my family disarms me from the way the world has taught me people really are. My parents sold me love and especially romantic love to keep me manageable. I am their creation, but I backfired on them. This is why they made you send your children like me away.

How dare you think you could be a better parent than serial killers! But you understand this means you would be a better parent, right? They fear and try to destroy anything greater than them, like me. I am going to keep my hope for you and my people, because no one has ever had hope for me and I know hope can move mountains. I move mountains for everyone I love and think about if they deserve it after the fact, if ever.

Hope is the greatest power of all besides love, but using it on the wrong people is my greatest flaw.



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