Trump Card Of A Birthright

So, I have the trump card you all have been looking for huh? My birthright on my Dad’s side of the family would be able to trump my little Brother’s birthright. Of course, I would have to get married and have a baby though, right? Well, it only took us 280 something odd days to figure out that I really do hold all the keys that you all have been looking for. How did you all not know about this? It’s because freedom of information would give you too much power and freedom. See how I freed you all today and gave you hope with merely sharing information? That is how easy it is to change the world.

Where do we go from here? That is the question I have been asking this whole trip, but especially since I started this adventure South. I have all these keys and all this information, but I cannot do anything on my own. It is the most frustrating position to be in. I know the right things to do and I want to do them, but my hands are tied. Is that how you all feel? Well, you all are going to feel even more helpless after my Dad dies so I suppose it is that time to shit or get off the pot.

I have begged for help this whole trip, shit I have begged for help my whole life. But no one has ever helped me without being motivated by self interest. Well, you all have every reason in the world to help me and no real reason not to now that you know the whole story about everything. I do have the power to stop my Brother in more ways than one, but I cannot do it alone. Who is going to help me? Who is going to have the most say over the future of the world and the war games?

I don’t know who I would like to marry and have be the father of my children, let alone who I want to take over the dark side. But let’s be honest, almost anyone would be better at calling the shots than my Brother. I love my Brother, but he has been kept small and manageable and never experienced much life. Not that I have gotten to live much, but I tried and got out there. He has never even tried to live because he knew it would not be allowed.

I want to marry someone who has lived. Someone who knows about the world. Someone fair and just. I would love if he is loving and kind as well. You all need to help me, so I can help you. We don’t have to wait for me to have a child and for that child to grow up and take over. We can end this sooner than anyone ever imagined. Within 1.5-2.5 years this all could be over. I do need to wait a few months to work on my epigenetics before I even consider getting pregnant, but with all the fasting I have been doing I am in pretty good shape to breed. Better than I was when I started this adventure.

You all need to help me. Scandinavians, I know you all believe in potential and you dropped out of this war the quickest because you want a better world. Help me, help you create that better world. You all have the resources necessary to keep me safe while I do what I need to do. And we need to get started on all this before my Dad dies. When my Dad dies the world is going to turn really dark. Even though we think this is dark now, it will get worse.

I have always dreamed of living on a solar farm. I would like to live on a solar farm and have animals and children. I was brainwashed as a child to have ten kids and marry a farmer. I think I may actually enjoy that.

You all need to help me.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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