Trust Is Fleeting

Do you ever get tired of wondering where people’s loyalties lie? Do you know what it is like to belong to a family with multiple serial killers, who love to poison themselves, us, and one another? Can you imagine the great difference in realities between the killers and the victims in my family? Can you imagine the cognitive dissonance of searching for the answers I have found?

I don’t really care who is in on what my family does, because I know it can all be ended with my success. It is what it is. Exploring my potential is what I really desire. Experiencing health, love, success, and influence without fear are my goals and what drives me. I am the only one who can save myself from whatever this ordeal is. And if I can save others in my doing so, why not focus on the big picture?

Refusing to get caught up in the drama is more than half the battle. Small minded people love the drama because it allows them to steal more of others energy. Perhaps, drama is their version of potential, because they refuse to see what could be if they thought they contained greatness.



P.S. Bud, I know you poisoned my steak(thus my dogs), coffee, and computer today. I may go back and forth on Mom, but I am sure about you. And you realize my dogs are what keep me human and thus keep me from being like you, right? Why try to kill the one person who has always signed up to be on your side? I may never understand, but I don’t have to.

P.S.S. My Mom did kill my Dad’s last two wives or maybe this is how she trained my Brother.

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