Tuesday August 16th 2022 Moon in Aries Sun in Leo Something Out Of Nothing

No one will be safe until we create a new way of life and a new economy. My Dad has hijacked capitalism and made it a game of privilege. Everyone is scared of him because they value their homes and families. And this won’t stop after my Dad dies. My brother will take over for my Dad at holding the world hostage.

My whole life I have tried to overcome my family in the matter world. But I have never escaped them, just like you all haven’t. There is no where to run because everyone will continue to follow his orders out of fear. Sure, not as many people are signing up to gang stalk and poison me. However, the moment I walk into anyone’s place of business looking for a job they treat me like I have the plague. People fear being treated as I am being treated and they should I have been used as a training tool my whole life. Even the Kudearoffs fear my Dad. They know just how far he will go because it’s just as far as they would go, but my Dad has more power.

The only way out of this is through. There is no escaping for any of us. However, we can choose to do differently. We won’t be able to keep each other safe until we do differently.

I’m not saying we need to give up on money. I love money. It provides freedom and options. But we do need to find a better way where we are in control. It’s not fair that one person gets to decide the financial well being of the world pretty much. The farmers especially are a group my Dad picks on. If they were more free to do what they are good at, we could have better quality food and thus in turn health. We are being held hostage on so many levels.

So how do we get freedom, good food, and potential? How do we create a new economy? You all know I’m not great at answering the how questions, but I can tell you What we need to do. We need to start supporting the people who share our beliefs and morals/ethics. The sub groups in the war games used to help us all do this. However, now there is so much division. The sub groups do not agree on what they support. Everyone is striking out on their own and doing what they please. There is no unity. We need unity. We need to know who the people are who share our beliefs.

I encourage you all to look around you often and ask yourself if the gene mutations you see are something you want to support. Today, the dark side was back to hang stalking me. Their gene mutations, epigenetics, and epigenetic triggers are so so much worse. This is what the belief in destruction leads to. Your beliefs effect who you are on a gene level. And who you surround yourself with also effects who you are on a gene level. Everything comes back to epigenetics. You do business with one person who supports the dark side and you think it doesn’t effect you. But it does. Even just the thoughts that go through your head when you interact with someone effect your epigenetics. Everything effects your epigenetics.

So step 1 is find the people who share your beliefs. These are the people you need to do business with. Support those who support your beliefs. Sharing beliefs is more important than almost anything. It’s the foundation of any relationship worth keeping.

The next thing is expand your skillset. We all have been kept small. And we all have been kept in an alkaline state which makes us confused, emotional, and anxious. Do stuff. Learn how to do as much stuff as possible. When you know how to do things, you feel confident. This helps battle the anxiety we are designed to never escape.

During Covid, I learned so much stuff. It was amazing. It was one of the best years of my life. I had a great time alone. I encourage you all to do things outside your comfort zone that force you to grow. Do it just because it makes you a better human, not because it will increase your pay grade.

Honestly, I still dont kniw the rest. I’m still building this revolution out of nothing as we fly. I want so badly to ask for help, but I understand you all can’t help me in the overt world. I’m on my own and that’s really hard. I really would love a friend. But for now you all and the farmers are the closest to friends I get. And I have to be okay with that and be grateful to have you all.

Today, I had an interview for a temp job at an insurance company. The owner was so nervous and had sweaty palms and could barely talk. It was a hard day for him and I felt bad for putting him in such a weird situation. But I need a job and I’m more than qualified to do the jobs o have applied for.

This whole situation just sucks. But we will get through it and I will get through it. I’m a master at holding onto hope. For most of my life, life was hopeless in the overt world. There has never really been a good reason for me to have hope. Yet, here I am having defied more odds than I ever could have imagined.

I may not know all the answers today, but they come with time and patience.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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