Tuesday August 2nd 2022 Moon in Libra Sun in Leo Rambles In The Sun

Today, I took Hay to the park between Valley River and River Road by the river. The people were poisoning us so much i got nauseas and weak so we decided to lay down in the grass and just relax. While there I started my high rambles. When I get high I like to talk, I dont know why. But a lot of times it actually is pretty productive.

I think I figured out my way around not being able to figure out how today finally. Instead of thinking about how to accomplish something, I need to think about What can be done. Something so simple allowed me to change the pathways in my brain I use to solve problems and make way more connections. So it’s all about Why and What! Well, for me at least.

After my high rambles in the park and laying down with Hay for a couple hours, I noticed a change. We went to the car and sat in the shade while the car was airing out. People were getting a news update and its spiked their cortisol and scared them. It was a war games update because the people in cars got it faster than the people on foot or bikes. I sat there in awe. What the heck could make them so scared? One girl literally dragged her dog on a leash into the car. She couldn’t walk fast enough. Also today were all mostly people my Dad would have never accepted into his cult before now. It was a really weird and interesting day.

After much thought and trying to remember my high brainstorming and rambles, I’m pretty sure the farmers got on board with fighting back against this small group of people who are holding us all hostage. My Dads cult is trying to strong arm us all into accepting world war 3 and the extreme destruction. But what can we do to fight back? We get them fired from their jobs. They join my Dads cult for privilege, if we take that away they won’t join. These people are great at following orders, but they suck at following rules. This is the only thing I really came up with today that could have the kind of impact that I saw happen this evening.

Can I ask to add an amendment or clause? Tonight a bunch of children and privileged college students took part in poisoning me and destroying me. Can we hold people accountable for their children’s actions. It’s no wonder kids are so screwed up nowadays. We tell their parents to behave so they just enlist their children in doing their dirty work. Even down to a 4 year old or a college student. I dont know what to think of people other than just be disappointed.

By the way, thank you to the farmers. I appreciate the help and you all listening to my ramblings.

Today was a productive day. I hung out at the park. Took a shower and washed my hair for the first time in almost 3 weeks. Did laundry and washed my bedding. Made my bed back up and washed the Haywood and did a flea treatment. Oh and I treated the room at Amber’s again this morning.

Tomorrow I have a job interview at a temp place. Today another temp place gave me the run around and rescheduled my interview. But I called another one too. I just want a job making $20 an hour or more. I dont care what I do, I just want to make decent money. I deserve to be compensated for my skills and abilities and knowledge. So that’s the goal. But if they try to strong arm me into something less than I deserve, I’m okay enjoying the summer with Haywood for a couple or few more weeks. We can do more fasting.

Tomorrow at 2pm will be 9 days of fasting. I saw myself naked today for the first time in weeks. My boobs are hard. I realized I got sick when I got my breast implants. I dont know what they did to me other than give me too many antibiotics. I had my implants replaced in dec 2016 or Jan 2017 and it got worse. I wonder what they put inside me. I know I can overcome it if the poisons outside my body stop or at least settle down. In 8 days I accomplished what would take almost 3 weeks of alternate days fasting. The longer extended fasts are definitely better. But alternate day fasting is a great start. Its probably perfect for people who aren’t so sick.

I dont kniw what happened in the past couple weeks that made me so sick. They are always upping the ante when it comes to the poison and my food has been way worse too. But I’m just tired of being sick and I’m tired of being hungry. I keep thinking about food. But the food I have access to will make me sick. It’s hard to want to eat stuff that will make you sick. But the poison that makes your teeth numb and spikes insulin sure makes my mouth water and think about food. But another poison that’s relatively newer makes me so nauseas. If they keep making me nauseas I won’t eat for a long time it’s kind of perfect and helps me.

So today was a good day. I never expected the reaction I got today from my ramblings. I ramble so I dont feel so alone and to make sense out of things. I appreciate you all listening, it’s a lot of random stuff.

On another note, can I share the addresses of the people who poison me at night where I like to sleep in Eugene at my favorite church? There are some houses that are near and continuously poison me at night for months now. I will have to drive down another street tomorrow to get their addresses. But I would really enjoy sleeping without my teeth being numb my lips tingling my ankles flooding with toxins that my lymphatic system cannot remove quickly enough my liver hurting feeling nauseas, etc. It would just be nice to have some peace. I will document that tomorrow. Worst case you all can know who is trying to make my heart fail on a regular basis and make their lives as covertly difficult as possible. I’m starting to hate them and I don’t even know them. But they dont know me and they are trying to kill me. It’s such a weird experience, but yet it’s my life.

I need to get my rest and you all do too. Sleep well. Sweet dreams of realities of the future.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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