Tuesday July 26th 2022 Moon in Cancer Sun in Leo Pieces Together Part 2

Well wow! I have more answers. The old man I used to know from Sierra Vista and Bisbee was Hispanic with German eyebrows. And his brain was fancy like mine. He was a Hispanic Argentinian. My Dad is a white German Argentinian. It’s the non Hispanic and the Hispanic parts of the South American Nazis who are left and fighting it out for dominance of the country because the wall is coming. The southern LA farmers are Hispanic Argentinians. I always wondered why my Dad’s Dad aka my grandpa zgraves lived in a compound in Argentina. My mom said he was safer there. I never understood that. Safer drilling oil was my thought. Do the southern LA farmers drill out or do they actually farm? This gets so confusing. And to the Southern Oregon dark side farmers, do you all see now why it’s so very important that all you farmers work together with me? This is a shit show. How much of this all did you all know about?

I also figured out my Dad is allowing my grandma Kudearoff and grandpa Kudearoffs birthrights fo fir with my cousins Derek and Steven. In exchange for not having children for Der and I dont think Steven gets to marry or have children or ever walk into my grandpa birthright. Me and my cousin Brittney are the fancy #2s sho also are #1s. I wonder what her fate is?

All the kudearoffs hav sold out not only on everyone, but in themselves. I’m the only one who escaped and that’s because I didn’t understand what I was running from. And here I am defenseless, alone, and missing one of dogs in Redmond Oregon. I’m the most power and important chess piece in this war and I’m alone and defenseless. How can you all allow this to happen? Farmers I’m talking to you all. It was one thing when I didn’t understand but I have been putting this puzzle together while running for my life for 483 days. That’s 483 days my family has been pretty overt about trying to kill me. I found the southern LA farmers last November. What have you all been doing since then? I’m in shock. I have never been trained to strategize for anything really, but I am pretty sure I should not be alone. And I’m pretty sure I’m too valuable to trust A1 with me.

Let’s play let’s make a deal. I’m not looking to be held hostage. I have done that over and over my whole life. However I also see after so many realizations today that if I intend to do anything to stop my Dad from conquering my family and the world I need to not only team up with the farmers and that means all of you all. I need to really team up with the Southern LA farmers. I told you all about my vision of walking my dogs on the beach in California that allowed me to survive cancer naturally. Well, I think I am starting to see this is something that needs to happen for us all to survive.

I like boundaries and clear expectations. I dont like things that are implied and I dont enjoy being conned. Luckily for me I have a chip in my head so it will enable me to stay safe as long as I have multiple different groups invested in my survival.

So I have conditions as the most powerful chess piece against my Father I am allowed conditions.

  1. I’m not going anywhere with anyone until all the farmers agree to work together. This means my southern la farmers, my southern Oregon farmers, and the man I was super to marry here in Redmond and his farmers and the scandinavians ing the junction city area, and all the farmers in Washington. I think the northern California ones go hand in hand with the ones here in Redmond. You all have to decide to work together with me. No bullshit. No covert agendas. We all come together for the greatest good of us all. We put differences aside, all if us and all our differences. We unite to take out a common enemy and save my family the Kudearoffs. If they choose to be awful people we can take them out back and shoot them after my Dad is gone. I like my Brother and I would like to think if things were different we could be siblings. It’s a long shot, but I want a chance at having some family. I just need the opportunity, it’s not a guarantee but a chance is enough for me. Our war is with my father not my brother and Kudearoffs even though they will be used as pawns in this war. It’s going to be a weird war for me, they are all my family and I love them all. Even my Dad. I understand he doesn’t feel my love he only sees me as weak even still to this day.
  2. I need my dog Teka before I can go anywhere. She is close to me and I need her. Between all the farmers you should be able to find the dark side member who lives in an apartment by 19th and Antler who has her. I need and deserve my baby girl. Haywood deserves his sister too.
  3. I get to live on the beach and walk the beach with my daily even though it might not be safe all the time. I can’t be a prisoner and more.
  4. I am not a sex toy. I will not be having sex with anyone. Fancy babies are made in doctors offices. And I need to work on my financial security and epigenetics for awhile before a baby can even be considered. My current baby is being held hostage. I need to know this will never happen to my human children.
  5. I get to sell real estate. I have an Arizona license and I need to do some continuing education classes. You all will need to help motivate people in real estate to allow me my profession. I’m sure it will be a fight. Or maybe I could sell insurance but I really prefer real estate. Maybe I could eventually get my California real estate license and work in California. But I should be able to work remotely because I love inside sales. I need to soothe my nervous system for a year or two and just geek out working from home and focusing on my health. Maybe even taking a few vacations. And I won’t be giving up road trips but I can compromise and not go alone sometimes. I want to pretend to be ordinary as much as possible. I would live to go to Argentina. I had a vision about that too, but I never really understood it till now. They have a beach there too.
  6. My independence and financial security are very important to me. I may need help creating avenues to create these resources for myself. I understand it’s easier to just give me money and say here now you are independent. But that is how I have been held hostage my whole life. I want to earn my own way.

Okay I’m sure there are other little things that will come up, but those are the big ones. I need to much little random stuff and I’m kind of a control freak because control has been taken away from me so much in my life. As long as we stick to the you be good to me I be good to you motto and agreement everything should be okay.

This is the craziest agreement I have ever agreed to, but here I am doing it because I want my baby back, I want my Dad to not win the puzzle he is working on, and I want to know if the Kudearoffs really hate me or if they deep down may have loved me at one time. I see how valuable I am to the world and I’m willing to acknowledge and protect that value.

Also I may need to travel to Texas to do my announcements and let the people know I’m alive and what’s happening. I’m #2 on my Dads side those are my people. Plus they are in danger of turning democratic without knowing the whole picture.

So if we all can agree on these terms and conditions, I’m ready to start this new chapter in my revolution when you all are ready. The sooner the better. They could be torturing my baby right now. Statistically the longer it takes to get her back the more damage and trauma she will endure.

And side note I may need a big dog to add to my pack just for safety sake.

Okay let’s be revolutionary. It’s you alls move.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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