Tuesday July 26th 2022 Moon in Cancer Sun in Leo Teka is still missing

My Dog Teka is still missing. She is microchipped and so the person who has her just needs to take her to a vet or a police station to have her chip read. They will be able to contact me. Farmers have you told the people to give her back? She’s so important to me. Beyond words.

Since we got the time, you all want to know who is trying to take the checks and balances out of the war games with my Dad? Tony Robbins is in Florida. See Tony Robbins got on board with the version of Neuro linguistic programming that my Dad uses at about the same time in 1978. My Dad learned it in the military and Tony learned it from the guy who invented it in California. They both are cult leaders who use success as a tool to hook people. Privilege can look similar to success. But it still brainwashing.

See on this trip my Dad used a Tony Robbins seminar to try to brainwash me. I love potential and success. However, I’m not okay with being brainwashed without my permission. If he really had good intentions he would just tell people he is brainwashing and programming them for success. If it was on the up and up it would be no problem to admit it. However, when things are fishy they are not as easy to be transparent about.

So they both us the same brand of NLP, the both use success instead of love, the both were born into the war games(Tony is a 1st born), and they like to keep their followers in their reptilian brains so they are easier to control and brainwash. Look up how many strip clubs per capita Oregon and Florida have. They have the most because sex is apart of the reptilian brain. When you are always thinking about sex, food, water, and survival aka success you are always in your reptilian brain. This makes you easy to brainwash and control.

Tony has been in Florida since 2000 ish, but he just recently had his first baby with his current wife during covid. Did you all notice how Florida handled covid completely different than the rest of us? It’s like they were their own country or something. Or maybe they want to be. My Dad wants the west coast and I bet Tony is working on the East. Do you think they are partners? Or do you think they are dividing and conquering with no intention of coming together in the middle.

I have no clue on a lot, but I know we need to start asking questions.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

PS. I want my dog back please.

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