Tuesday July 26th 2022 Putting together a puzzle

Okay let me talk this one out.

I told you all my world crashed down when the Berlin wall came down. I still dont understand what all happened. But the downing of the Berlin wall allowed for Germany to come back together. From what I gather this was very bad news to my Dad. He must not want to work with the Soviets, but rather to conquer them. This makes sense. This is where I was supposed to come into play. My Brother was born the year after Germany came back together. My Brother was a fool to overcome my Grandma Kudearoff’s birthright when it is to be passed down to my cousin Derek. At this point my Dad still thought I would breed and he could kill me. He was going to use my child to enslave both my Brother and Derek. My child was to do what I was intended for just 20 years delayed. That why they tried so hard to get me to breed in my early 20s. My Dad joining forces with the Kudearoffs was him conquering them because he knew his first child mixed with Kudearoff could help him acquire the whole territory. Aka Me. Oh and after I breed and he killed me but before my child was grown enough he would let my brother take over for a bit with my birthrights and that’s when they would enslave Derek my Grandma Kudearoff’s birthright. It’s always been about conquering the Kudearoffs for my Dad and he doesn’t care who he has to use as a pawn or puppet. No wonder the Southern LA farmers are with me. They will be conquered without me.

How does my uncle Joe who married my Aunt nina play into this. She has kept her distance this whole adventure and even before when covid happened. Aka when my family started covid. Uncle Joe is in charge of the Mexicans and bikers on the east coast not all of them but a large majority. Well actually his older sister is. Look this is why Jessica is supposed to take over and/steal Serenas place as leader of the bikers and Mexicans when Joe and his older sister die. My Dad doesn’t like Mexicans. He’s rewarding aunt nina and Jessica with his scraps that he still needs but doesn’t really value. Anyone want to marry Serena and help her have a baby so she can walk into her birthright as leader of the Mexicans and Bikers? She wouldn’t stand up to my Dad either so that’s a useless ploy.

Have you noticed the Democratic and Republican states recently? My Dad always told me to do the edges of a puzzle first because the inside will go quicker that way. Have you seen that he almost has all the edges Democratic now?

My Dad is building a Berlin Wall of sorts. This is why he wants the west coast and the southern coast and border and the east coast. This is why there was Trump talking about building a wall. This is my family was separating Mexican children from their families at the border, my mom told me about that one. I lived by the Mexican border in Arizona. I may still not logically understand but I felt something happening. When I first moved there I lived like 10 minutes away and I had to move north to about 40 minutes away. It was too intense. They were really trying to kill me there. Cell phones didn’t work just like when I go to fancy small towns where decision makers with power in the war games live. Its 2022 there is no reason small towns should not have cell phone service. It’s done on purpose to withhold information and keep people small. Who are the decision makers by the border being kept in the dark? Farmers do you know? Are there other farmers down there?

I knew a man from the war games when I was in Sierra Vista. He was old like late 90s or over 100. He grew up in Bisbee by the border. The same town I moved to when I first got to Southern Arizona. It was a mining town, but then my Dad closed the mines in the late 1980s. Towns like Bisbee have never recovered. They are filled with people with fancy birthrights and fancy brains like mine who are kept small not only with withholding information but by being surrounded by an economy that offers them no way out. The man I knew had a fancy brain like mine, but he played small just as I had been taught to do. Even though we were friends he tried to condition me to go back to playing small all the time. He was just trying to survive and teach me learned helplessness. He has survived to his 80s without getting married or havingchildren. He fell through the cracks somehow. But then he fell and broke his hip and ended up in a nursing home. Never able to regainhis freedom. He died last year while I was fighting for his freedom. I didn’t make it in time, but he told me stories that continue to help me piece together this puzzle. The fancy families kept poor and small by the border dont understand what’s happening fully. They probably got a half truth if some sort like we all do.

So where do you think the new wall will be? I think Trump was right and we will build a new wall to keep Mexico out. My Dad isn’t going to give up half the United states he’s doing the edges so the rest is easier. Once he has the west coast, the southern border, and the east coast the rest will fall into line quickly.

What kind of German is my Dad? Who are the Southern LA farmers that they have more power than him? I dont kniw the answer to this, but I’m guessing after my cousin Jessica or my cousin Serena takes over the Mexicans and Bikers on the dark side. The southern LA farmers will no longer be able to boss my Dad. That’s not long away. And then he has no checks and balances ever again. And I have no back up.

So southern La farmers, did I earn my dog back? I would like my dog and A1 and I would like to move back to Sierra Vista to keep an eye on things and see what’s really happening. I love crossing the border for lunch and a trip to the pharmacy. If you all loose me, you all will fall faster than you ever imagined. He k faster than I ever imagined. And us Kudearoffs will be gone as well if we aren’t already.

The Berlin Wall will be the Mexico Border.

Wow I’m good at puzzles.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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