Tuesday March 14th 2023 Moon in Sagittarius Sun in Pisces A Message To My #2s And A Message To Everyone

Hello everyone, I need to speak with my #2s and then I have a message for everyone. I will give you all a moment to get tuned in.

Hello my #2s. Hope you are having a great night. So I pondered on it a bit and I would like you all to change gears into phase 2 as well.

You all are #2s just like me. In phase 1 we connected with people and built our armies. So now in phase 2 we get people to think differently so they do differently. We encourage them to establish themselves in the overt world. Everyone has been conditioned to stay small and accept that as their destiny. No one is born to be small. We all deserve to be ordinary regular people who do extraordinary things. We all are born to be extraordinary. But people have been taught differently and lied to.

I thought about examples from my own life. I too bought into being small. My whole life I thought you got married, bought a house, and had children in that order. But I never got married and I never even thought about buying a house on my own. It literally never even crossed my mind. I always assumed I would do that when I was married. And when A1 asked me if we should buy a house all I could think was no way do i want to be stuck to this man any more than I already am.

We need to encourage people to create freedom and options in their life. And it normally takes creating assets and resources to create freedoms. Money doesn’t buy happiness but it allows for options and freedoms. As long as people are kept small financially they will not have the options they deserve. So we need to help open their minds to getting what they deserve.

You all and me are rich in people. I am proof of you have the right people in your corner you can do anything. You have the right people in your corner, you just have to figure out how to move the chess pieces you have.

Creating wealth is about having more money. It’s not always about making more money, but it is about having more money. Creating wealth is about real estate. Housing is normally one of our biggest expenses. If you turn that expense into an asset your worth and wealth increase. We need to encourage people not only to buy real estate but to be creative about how they purchase real estate. Get three single people together to buy a house and put an extra bathroom in the garage and turn it into a studio apartment and rent it out. Then apply that rent to the principle on the loan the first couple years. Paying extra on a 30 year loan during the first couple years makes exponential differences in the interest you will pay on a home loan. Compound interest is no joke, but you can make it work for you. Maybe you have 2 or 3 small families who want to get together and form an LLC and buy a multifamily property. They can live there and rent some units out. Heck maybe one of them wants to live in an RV on the property and rent out their unit too. We need to get creative about how we build wealth and create assets.

Maybe you have younger people who dont have the means to buy real estate encourage them to find a side hustle that they enjoy. Maybe a couple want to go to garage sales and find things they can flip online. Maybe a couple want to create a food truck and go to festivals. Food is so expensive at events and they would get to go to events and have a good time. Encourage people to get their real estate license. If you can sell or help 3 people buy in a year that is over 10k and you get to write a lot of stuff off on your taxes as a independent contractor. Even part of your rent because you work from home. Taxes are brutal having a side hustle can save you from having to pay the government such a big chunk of change. State taxes are outrageous. I wish we really knew what they did with our money.

My point is we need to think differently to do differently. The traditional ways no longer work because they enslave and destroy us. But we cant get better until we think differently and do differently. You are rich in people just like me. You just have to encourage them to think outside the box and live differently. Maybe you all want to start investing in the real estate market or stock market and meet once a week to talk about what you are learning and doing. Ps. I invested in the stock REAL heavily. We all need to dream and have hope. And when we do things in the overt world to give us hope and faith in those dreams life gets better instantly. We all deserve better. But working 40 hours a week and doing things as we were taught to do them are not going to get us what we deserve. We have to do differently. And that means thinking differently.

Awhile ago I had you all reach out to the mormons. These people have done differently their whole lives. I would suggest listening to what they have to say. When you live differently you can see things other people can’t see. Plus they have amazing sales skills. These people will be very valuable in helping you think differently. But I especially want you to remind them how amazing they are, because I don’t think anyone has ever told them. I suppose most people have never heard how amazing they are. So part of your job is find what is amazing about everyone in your army. Everyone has something special and amazing about them. However we have been so conditioned to not see our individuality that we often cant see these things. So tell people what you see, but be kind and don’t use this as a way to form them into what you need and desire. Accept people for who they are and meet them where they are.

2s you are the backbone of phase 2. Because you all are the ones in direct contact with the people. You are very powerful and influential in this moment. You have the power to help people see what is amazing about them and invest in manifesting the things and freedoms they deserve. Money doesn’t buy happiness but it does buy options.

Also I was researching last night and Adu’s additional dwelling units are allowed on most homes. Creating an additional source of income on your property that already helps you build wealth is something I think more people should consider. With the housing market we need to create more affordable housing. But this also creates an opportunity for us all to build wealth. When people stop valuing destruction over everything, I think people will be willing to be around people more. Right now all we want to do is get away from people because they destroy us. But hopefully it wont be like this for very much longer. We need to make each other better. Alternative housing is a great way to improve the world because traditional ways of living will not get us better.

2s it’s your job to get people to understand tradition is holding us all back. I understand wanting to hold onto comfort. But what if your dreams lie on the other side of giving up that comfort? Every time I have made the jump to live more untraditionally I have been rewarded in all ways in my life. Traditions were literally set up to kill me. If I would have gotten married and had a kid I would be dead. Traditions are enslaving us and killing us. But we dont know how to live differently. So we got to figure it out. And I believe what is right for one person isnt going to work for everyone. I think there will be many different ways to live to create better. Your job is to push people to find those ways. Encourage them and let them encourage you because you have to live better too. Create wealth and work together to do it. Think outside of the box. Because the box is killing us.

I understand this is a big phase 2. But it will payoff. It’s going to take some time. But the sooner we start the sooner we see results. Phase 2 is about everyone getting better and realizing no one was born to be small. Everyone is the guy of something. They just have to figure out what that is. You may be the guy because you are a #2, but you are more than your birthrights. You are the guy of something else too, but you have to figure out what that is. No one was born to just live in this imaginary game we all play. We were born to be real people. We are all born to be extraordinary. Phase 2 is about finding what is extraordinary about ourselves and creating our dreams.

As my grandma Kudearoff would say Chop Chop. Which means like hurry up basically. The sooner you find yourself and break free from traditions the sooner we all live a good life. It’s a big task we have my #2s but we are all in this together. I am doing the same thing as you all and we just work together to get it done and change the world. It may be simple but it’s not easy. Change is hard sometimes, but it’s normally for the best. I love you all thank you for being my #2s. I’m excited to see the world we create.

Okay next I want to talk to everyone. I have been going group by group telling people about removing my Dad’s cult from places of power. But if I keep going like this it will take us forever to get better. So I need everyone to listen up. This applies to you if you are a leader of a mafia, a leader of a company, a CFO, or just a regular human. Everyone is the leader of their own life. You steer the ship for you. However leaders of companies and mafias and countries have a lot more responsibility because they owe us all to think about our best interest. However you owe yourself the duty to think about your own best interest.

People in my Dad’s cult will always break the rules and follow his orders and do what is in their best interest. Whatever power they are given whether in the overt or covert world will be abused. Any person in their lives will be abused. They kill people with a 1000 pieces of glass. They erode people like the tides turn the earth into sand. Sure they create big events that are trauma filled and cause PTSD. But did you know just being around a person with a cluster b personality disorder causes Complex PTSD. It is just like PTSD but it is complex. Which just means it is a 1000 little different things rather than big events.

You know how people in my Dad’s cult get you to question yourself and invalidate your experience and/or feelings. This is abuse. This causes Complex PTSD. You know what you know and you know how you feel. When someone undermines your experience and/or feelings it is like invalidating you as a person. It makes you think well maybe I’m wrong. Maybe my feelings are wrong. Granted humans make mistakes but questioning who you are at your core because someone tried to invalidate you will lead you nowhere good quick.

My Dad’s cult members misuse their power. It doesn’t matter if it’s influence in your life or influence in a company or influence in a mafia. They can always be counted on to steer us towards destruction. If you remove these people from your life in all ways you will have less destruction in your lives. Do you think the Russians really thought up the war they are in without influence from my Dad’s cult? I highly doubt it. Do you think China really thought up Covid on their own? I know they didn’t. My Dad’s cult members will always create destruction wherever they go. They cant help it. They are addicted to destruction. If you were a crackhead would you give your stash to another crackhead to hang onto? When you are around one of my Dad’s cult members you are putting your life in their hands knowing they are addicted to destruction. Playing with fire is how you get burned. People who value destruction above all else are not going to make your life better. Sure they might for a moment at the beginning to get you caught up in their web of destruction. But the phase where they love bomb you and pretend to be a good person never lasts long. About 6 months seems to be the limit and then their true colors come out. So dont get close to anyone too fast and when you see who someone really is whether in the overt world, in the mafia, your business, your industry, your personal life, etc believe what you see. People tell you who they are with their actions. You all know the look people have when they are enjoying your pain right? That is their brain lighting up with feel good chemicals at seeing your pain. Normal people with functional brains when they see a person in pain or distress will feel that pain or distress not joy. Pay attention to who someone is. And yeah you may have to be alone for awhile. You may have to go through the process of hiring someone new. You may have to replace someone in your mafia with someone loyal to the systems. However the energy you expend will always be less than having to undo the destruction of people in my Dad’s cult. Destruction is the only variable that is not negotiable when dealing with these people. When playing with fire you get burned.

Recently I have been being mean to white people and I need to apologize. I’m grieving after realizing I have been destroyed for a lifetime by French Canadians. I have experienced a lot of pain in my life. And I’m not like you all because I was never taught to fight back or to poison people. My whole life I have just had to take the destruction. My parents always told me I had an overactive sense of revenge. I dont have an overactive sense of revenge, I just want to be treated fairly. I believe in justice. Yet, I dont know how to get myself justice. How do I makeup for the French Canadians in my Dad’s cult destroying me and trying to kill me and creating such pain in my life. These people have stolen my life from me just as much as my family. How do I get justice for this? What would you do? I don’t know the answer. And I’m trying to find it while dealing with a lifetime of hurt and pain. It’s really hard. And today I saw people who I dont know if I can trust to treat me fairly. So maybe the French Canadians are still trying to destroy me by sabotaging my real estate career. Statistically it is more probable that they are going to destroy me than actually support me and be good people. I enjoy math and odds and statistics because they are logical and rarely lie. I’m sure you all understand the destruction I face everyday. But I’m always asking myself who do I have to reach to get these people to act right. No one ever does the right thing unless they are ordered to. This revolution has taught me that when people think for themselves they choose destruction. Which is sad. But I figured out why. It’s really logical when you look at it from a science standpoint. I even discovered why my Dad did everything he did and created this covert world war 3. Let me share some facts with you.

When someone poisons Haywood he growls and barks. This is a natural reaction. This is Darwinism at it’s finest and simplest. We all are programmed to survive. However, we changed Darwinism when we started poisoning each other. Normally when an animal experiences any kind of threat to their life or health in the form of another or a predator they do what they have to do to get away or fight this being off. We all are programmed to survive. Haywood barks at people who poison him and growls. He wants them to go away and stop. It’s his natural instincts. My instincts to need and want revenge are natural. They are a form of darwinism. My parents told me I have an overactive sense of revenge because they were trying to convince me that I shouldn’t stand up for myself. They were trying to take the Darwin out of me. And that is what they have done to you all. It just didn’t work with me because they never taught me to poison others.

You all are taught not to fight back in the overt world when someone poisons or destroys you. Instead you poison or destroy them back covertly. This is reverse Darwinism because you are poisoning yourself too. This is not survival of the fittest. It is survival of the weakest. Only weak people poison themselves. Poisoning yourself literally makes you weaker. I have noticed a lot of people are on prescription medications because they poison themselves and others. Poisoning people is your instinct to want to fight back and partake in Darwinism. But you are making yourself weaker in the process. So do you really win? Does anyone really win when we poison each other. Hurt people hurt people.

Look at my Dad. I am sure when he was growing up in Texas and Argentina that he got picked on a lot for being Hitler’s grandson. Can you imagine how many superior white people hated him because of the family he was born into? Even after living my life I think my Dad probably had it worse. So he had an overactive sense of revenge as my parents like to call it. My Dad creating world war 3 has been about his need for Darwinism. But the war games have made Darwinism into Reverse darwinism. My Dad is destroying the world in an effort to survive the life he was dealt. However instead of running away or growling at the people who hurt him and poison him, he is covertly keeping his ground and smiling through clenched teeth while covertly creating world war 3 to get even with everyone. So when you clench your jaw, hold your ground, and poison another you are no different than my Dad. You are creating world war 3. Everyone is just trying to survive and feed their families. Guess my Dad and you all are more alike than you ever imagined. I never went hungry as kid. My parents always overfeed me. Granted it was rarely the food I needed or nutrition I needed. But they fed me.

So how do I get past my anger for the French canadians who have destroyed me in the past without creating world war 4? How do I be loyal to my basic need of darwinism without taking part in reverse darwinism and making myself weaker? How do I deal with the people in real estate who are trying to collect me for my Dad? I dont know their intentions but I know from my life that anyone who tries to collect me for my Dad or what I represent has no good intentions for me. Who the fuck do I need to contact to be treated fairly? Because I see people’s brains lighting up in destructive patterns. They dont feel my pain they enjoy it. Who do I need to contact to make people human because I talked to God and he said he’s doing everything he can. So I guess I talk to you all and ask you all to help me choose my next prison keeper because I dont know if I’m ever going to escape this Truman show I live in. I just want to be a good person and have good lives with you all. But i cant do that while being trapped in this Truman show.

Survival of the weakest is the realty we all live in. Look what it did to my Dad. And look what he did to the world just trying to survive. Please help me escape this Truman show and please stop poisoning people. It’s literally killing you in more ways than you understand.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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