Tuesday March 7th 2023 Moon in Virgo Sun in Pisces Epigenetics and My Overt Life

Good morning everyone. As I sit here people still are walking by and driving by and parking near me to poison me. I can tell the world changed last night, but unfortunately there are still people who dont comprehend what is happening. They may know but they don’t understand. This is exactly why the Dyslexic epigenetic triggers and gene mutations have been imprinted on us all. Dyslexia makes people creative brain based. It makes them super soldiers rather than logical thinkers. When given an order if your first thought is how am I going to carry out these orders, you are responding with your creative brain and are influenced by dyslexia. If when given an order your first thought is why would you want me to do that or why is that a good idea, this means you are logical brain based. Ideally, we should be a mix of the two. This is why my Dad was able to put a chip in my brain to read my logical thoughts, but was never able to figure me out. Humans are supposed to use both sides of their brain. My Dad doesn’t know my passwords unless I write them down, because it’s my creative brain that makes passwords. You are meant to be creative but first you need to be logical. I understand it’s hard to change who you have been your whole life. But you need to realize the person you are is not who you were destined to be. If you continue to be the person you were conditioned to be you will die and painfully. We all are in a life or death situation. How much can you be turned into a subhuman slave race on a gene and cellular level and still remain human? That is a question I don’t know the answer to. But I promise to try to figure everything out as quickly as possible. However, it’s your job to ensure your own survival by limiting the destruction in your own life as much as possible. You are responsible for your own well being.

I do want to give you all hope. Epigenetics provide great hope. I am so different than my family because of epigenetics. I have the same genes as my family, but I am a completely different kind of human than them because of epigenetics. You may not get to choose your genes or the family you come from, but everyday you get to choose who you are. Epigenetics is how you choose who you are. Everyday all the little decisions about how you live your life, how you perceive the world, how you think, how you feel, etc all influence directly your epigenetics. We all are born with genes like our family, but you get to choose what Gene’s are switched on and off by how you live. People who believe in God have better epigenetics. If you believe God to be a forgiving loving God you have even better epigenetics. You get to choose who you are not only by how you live, but by how you precieve the world and your place in it. Every aspect of your life effects your epigenetics and if you choose to be like the people in my family or the people still fighting this war for my Dad. So you are in charge of who you are down to a gene level. That is your power by birthright. Dont let anyone steal that power from you. Yes, there are a ton of negative epigenetic triggers in our environment but who you are will always be the most important variable in your epigenetics.

If you need a science like explanation, epigenetics are still simple. Mitochondria are the part of each cell that write messages in to each cell. These messages add up to be your epigenetics. Cancer, autoimmune diseases, and Autism are all epigenetic diseases. If we want to change the world we need to change the messages our mitochondria are writing into our cells. And that happens when we change our gut bacteria. Our gut bacteria directly correlate with the messages our mitochondria write into our cells. Our gut bacteria is dysfunctional because of our antibiotic resistance bacteria infections. C diff is not the only antibiotic resistant bacteria in our bodies. It is just the one I have researched the most because I seek to figure out why I am the way I am. I have always wanted to know why I’m so different than you all. C diff and asperger’s are why I’m so different. I was invented to be a different kind of super soldier. I was invented to help my Dad take over the world. But I would rather team up with the world and eliminate my Dad. We all have come to this place of no return. Because information changes people. When you know better you do better. This is why withholding information has been what has kept us all stuck. I share everything I know with you all because I know how much having the truth kept from you can hurt and steal your life. You all don’t deserve to live like I have. And I hope by saving you all, you all will save me too. We all deserve better than this down to a cellular and gene level. Stop eating plant protein as much as possible. I will explain that another day. Only eat animal protein mostly beef as much as possible.

So let me talk about my overt world. I live in my Jeep with my dog Haywood. I try to only eat every other day because my food is so poisoned that it makes my organs fail. I shower as little as possible because the water is poisoned like a concentration camp shower. I pee and pooh outside as much as possible because people poison me when I try to use a public restroom. I have fought to get my Oregon real estate license while being homeless and fighting this revolution. I sold real estate in Arizona and it is the only way I know how to provide a life of security not only for me, but for all of us. See me having a farm where I grow bacteria is not a dream that I can afford to not make come true. If I don’t achieve my dream of a bacteria farm, you all don’t get to be human. Your grandchildren will forever be a vulnerable subhuman slave race. The subhuman slave race really started with my brothers generation and the 90s kids. So we are a few generations into this subhuman slave race.

I understand it’s all really hard to believe. Believe me I understand things being unbelievable more than most. However, the good news is I have the birthrights and the brains to fix this all. I just need you all to help me create a life in the overt world where I can help us all. I need a home so I can be safe from all the people who try to kill me everyday for my Dad. I need to find a brokerage that will treat me fairly. I am going to meet with more brokerages this week and next week. I have never had luck working at big corporations so maybe finding a boutique brokerage is the answer. I worked for a small boutique brokerage in Arizona. So this week I am going to meet with Equinox realty. I have my fingers crossed that hopefully they will be the one I have been searching for. And I am hoping you all can help me with this. I need to be able to earn income to fix this mess we all are in.

So let’s recap, I need a brokerage to sell real estate, I need a home to keep me safe, I need clean food and water to help my organs stop failing, I need the people around me to stop poisoning me and trying to kill me. Those are my short term needs.

In the long term, I need a husband with three grown kids. This way I know that my birthrights are safe and I can work on growing bacteria instead of trying to have my own kids. Maybe later in life I will have a child. But I have never really wanted to have kids. I have a world full of people to take care of. I would rather care for you all than have my own children. I would like my husband and these children to be Danish or Argentinian. I believe in genetic diversity and ethnic mixed people are genetically diverse.

I need a farm and then after a couple years of figuring shit out I will need a bigger farm. Fermenting the world and the humans will be quite a big process. The good news is I fermented myself in Arizona and I have had a lot of time to think about how to do this on a much larger scale.

I need this year to be financially successful. There is still enough time in this year that I can make enough money to qualify for a home loan in 2025. I need to make great money. I need you all to be willing and able to do real estate business with me. I’m good at what I do. I understand what having someone’s life and home in my hands is like because people have always had my life and home in their hands and treated me poorly. I promise to always do my best because people have consistently let me down and done their worst. I know how that feels. I want you all to know I understand that I have you all in my hands and I will treat you all with care and respect. But I also am going to need you all to do real estate business with me in the overt world. If you dont none of us get better. I’m not in this for me. My birthrights are why no one has ever seen me. I represent so much no one can ever see past it to see me. This is why my dogs are so important to me. They see me and not the war games. No one ever saw me until I got Haywood in my 30s. I always was just a human who represented so much power and destruction in the war games. I never understood why people couldn’t see me. But now that I understand my birthrights, I know no one will ever be able to see past them. I represent something so big that no one will ever see me. I may be human but my birthrights make me a thing. I’m just a representation and symbol for the world of destruction we all live. I’m never going to know human love because of what I represent. Sure people may love me but really they love the power they get by being close to me. No one will ever just see me for me or love me for just me. Besides my dog Haywood. So this revolution isn’t about me. I’m never going to get what I truly want which is to be human. So the next best thing is to do a lot of good with what I represent. I just need to geek out on a farm and grow bacteria and not be around many people. Real estate is how we are going to get me there. I never get to have what I have always dreamed of, but I can help you all get your dreams. And having a bacteria farm and three grown children sounds like a decent life for me. It’s better than any life I was supposed to have. So this revolution isnt about me getting what I want. It’s about me doing the right thing. This revolution is about you all and you all getting the lives of your dreams. My dream is to be as ordinary and regular of a human as possible. Which isnt very possible, but I’m really good at pretending. So let’s be revolutionary to create a world where your dreams can come true. Because life is all about dreams and goals.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

P.s. I forgot that I need one more thing. Tomorrow I have an appointment at Sheppard motors for my Jeep. My Dad has the people who work on my car break it. In December I had my oil changed and the people at Sheppard motors did something to where there is an antifreeze leak in my engine. I took it back to be looked at in January and they fixed it to where it wasn’t as bad. But it is still leaking. Tomorrow I have it checked again because I am sticking up for myself. I’m hoping you all can get the people at Sheppard motors in Eugene to fix what they broke and do good work. I understand the Danish people have great pull with the car dealerships. Between you all and the United nations professional cult I am hoping that I get this problem resolved tomorrow. Thank you.

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