Tuesday May 24 2022 Moon in Pisces Sun in Gemini Why So Quiet Lacey?

Why so quiet Lacey? I’m eating lunch at Walmart. And I see a bunch of hopeless people. They don’t know how things can be different. And because they don’t know the how they are betting on it staying the same. This is another perfect example of the Dyslexic epigenetic triggers. When you are obsessed with how you often forget why you are doing something. It’s not just the younger generations we have to set straight, it’s a lot of people.

I’m all for figuring out how we will do things, but I need us all to be driven by the why. When you know what is driving you to do something and how it will effect your life and the big picture you have a better understanding of what is a stake. Rather than just looking at the micro and your actions in this moment look at the macro and how everyone’s actions add up to impact the world and the future, our future. Everything is a snowball effect.

But when we focus too much on how and just the actions we are taking in this moment without considering the big picture and our why, we get lost.

Our why is we deserve better. Everyone deserves better. And what we are doing in this moment to ensure we get better is no longer answering the calls from my family to support the old ways that value destruction over everything. We are never going to get better if we value destruction point blank. Things will continue down the same path we have been on since the late 1980s, but they will just get worse. Who’s knows what gene mutations your great great grandchildren will have. How much of a sub human species can we still consider human? It will only be a couple more generations, if that, before we are not human anymore and revolution won’t be possible because most people will be born without humanity. Even more so than in this moment where we condition the humanity out of people.

My family only had about an hours worth of people to really fill up the Walmart parking lot to make me believe they had not lost your support. However demographics tell tales. These are just desperate people, opportunists. I have seen this group of people for a long time now. The people born into the war games, the fancy families, and United States military dropped out of the war last year.

If there ever was a time to hold onto hope, it’s now! We are so close. Just because we only know our why and we are not clear on the steps to how does not meant it will not happen. It just means we are creating a revolution based on our beliefs and our why. All great change starts with why. Hold on tight to your why. I know I do.

If you know anyone who hasn’t heard me talk get them to tune in today. I’m going to make my way up I5. Today is the day and my day off was much needed. Thank you for your patience.

Talk soon and love always

Nicole D Graves

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