UC Davis-Information Changes People

A small handful of people invested in furthering their own potential will forever be more powerful than a crowd of people invested in the traditions of the old system.

Dear UC Davis

You all know you are the lucky ones, right? I am sure you are familiar with my family cult and how we are not allowed to explore our potentials. Well, we are changing this with our revolution.

I need you all to reach out to all the colleges and universities in California, Nevada, and Arizona and let them know we are at war and this is a revolution. All you all need to do is stop spending money and turn off your phones. I know it seems minute but my family cult survives off keeping you in a reactive state and on call. A covert war only gets the power you give it.

I appreciate each and every one of you. I have been warring for this revolution for #199 days today and this is the home stretch.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. My revolutionary people up in Washington, Oregon, and Northern California, I appreciate you all. Thank you for toughing it out. This revolution down here may take a bit longer than I expected. Just keep up the no spending and keeping your phones off. I hope you all are as determined for freedom as I am. We all just need to keep going!

California license plates 8aut032, 7fvr454 ro72no, 8xxn893

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