Understanding The Fear I See In The Men’s Eyes In My Family

Uncle A I saw you, I think I really saw you for the first time in my life the other day. You were looking out your window waiting for me to bring my evil to your house. You know all the pieces I am missing to put this puzzle together and you know you are one of the weakest links. Who will get to you first me or them?

I was right, men do not really have a role other than sexual abuse in our family/cult. They abuse us women, keep us down by making us breed, and then try to take credit for anything they can that we accomplish. Uncle A you had the easy role, why are you not loving your life? Why are you so sick? Who is poisoning you and why? Did you have guilt over killing your parents?

I now understand it was not my Mom and Aunts who killed my grandparents. It was the men who married into our family. Why were you hurt by fulfilling your role? Is it the same reason I have rejected my role in our family? Do you feel just as cheated? You do not share the soulless desire to keep destroying me. Who made you do what you did to me? Why do you feel guilt? Why keep your loyalty to the dark side? They make people do things that make them fear death and God.

So, in turn you will keep carrying out their evil for a lifetime. Your daughter is just like me and this is what you fear the most, right?



P.S. So let it be known that if anything happens to My Uncle A, it was my family cult.

P.S.S. I see the same fear in my Brother’s eyes. What does he get once he kills both me and my Mom? What happens if he fails?

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