Unexpected Autoimmune Triggers

Well, it happened again this week. I was going about my life and having what I thought was going to be an average week of healing and progress. And then, I clogged my garbage disposal sink.

Who thinks of clogging the disposal as something that will end up impacting their health? Shoot, I know I did not. The longer I am on this healing journey the more I realize just how toxic the world is. There are so many things I never really thought of as negatively impacting my health that I have had to adjust and change in the past few years. We are conditioned by the society we live in to adhere to social norms. However, when I slow down to question the things I do not think about, I often realize the error of my ways.

Long story short, I tried to unclog the sink with vinegar and baking soda, but was unsuccessful. Next up was a bottle of Draino and this is where I went wrong. The sink still did not unclog and now I had a sink full of chemicals fuming up the house. Even with open windows and leaving the kitchen fan on, I still woke up the next morning with swollen eyes and fatigue.

The next day, I was picking my diet apart trying to figure out what the cause of my flair was for half the day. Then I had a light bulb moment and I realized it was the Draino. Haywood(my dog with lupus) had an autoimmune reaction the same day and this helped me put the pieces together.

Picking myself and my life apart every time a reaction happens is the worst part of healing autoimmune issues. I often feel like I failed myself(and Haywood). After all this time and pain, how could I not think about Draino as something that would endanger my healing? When will I learn? Is being a human in a man-made world really this tough?

Love & Coconut Oil


“Change, like healing, takes time.”~ Veronica Roth

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