Unions: A Way For Great Change

What if I found a way for the majority to create the change we are looking to see? If I did, would you all take the opportunity to make history?

When my Dad first came into power the unions striked. They were trying to assert their power, the power of the majority. Even my Grandpa Kudearoff walked the picket lines in Springfield, Oregon. He believed he had come here to be heard, he did not want to go back to a world like the one he had left behind in Russia. My Grandma and Grandpa Kudearoff always told us that with hard work we could make something for ourselves and not only make ourselves proud, but them as well.

In the world we live in now, with the old systems at play even with hard work you cannot escape the destruction. Look at me, I have worked and worked my whole life and look where it got me. I have the ability to change the world with my brains, but if the old systems stay in place I will never have a chance to help people. I am not alone. There is a world of people out there just like me. My whole generation has fancy brains that can help us all live better lives. But we all are stuck and have been kept from sharing this greatness with the world. The only way we all are going to be able to help you all is by demolishing and destroying the old systems. We may have fancy brains, but we cannot swim upstream and win this battle alone, we have tried our whole lives.

Unions are the answer. The majority rules in a democracy. Our world is supposed to be a democracy, but the system has been rigged and is just for show nowadays. However, you all have the power we need. You all have the power to create change. You all have the power to say enough is enough. You all have a voice that will be heard if you all ban together. A lot of you all have been kept small just like me and sold the dream that if you conform you will get to have a good life. You have bought the lie they sold you, because we all have. It is hard not to when all the systems sell us all the same lies. Now is the time to strike and save yourselves. And create great change for the world. If you all do not do something we all are going to go back to living in Communist Russia very soon.

I may not know much about the real world, but I do know there are systems in place to create check and balances for the great powers of the world. Well, those great powers have sold out on us all. They have chosen privilege over doing the right thing. Choose the right thing and allow yourself to be a voice for all of us. Please stand up for us and we will forever stand behind you.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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