UofO versus Washington @ Autzen Saturday November 11th 2022

Well hello Washington, how have you all been? I was up in Washington earlier this summer. I connected with the Farmers up there and you all joined my revolution. I’m sure some of you all still thought I was dead. But surprise I’m not dead much to my Fathers dismay. See 592 days ago I escaped the death camp in southern Arizona where my Dad intended for me to die. He had announced it to the world already. However, I had different plans. That is where covid came into the picture. It’s all a long long story and you all can get the others to fill you in. The middle men are the last group I have still not gained complete access to. My Dad likes to keep you all very sheltered so you do what he says without questioning him. I already connected with Eastern Washington and California and Oregon. However the middle men in the Seattle area who are not involved in the war games by birthrights seem to be the very last group I have to reach. So you all are it. I have already won over the Scandinavians, south Americans. Koreans, communists. Farmers, mormons, the mafia, etc. I have won over the world group by group by sub group over the past 592 days. Can you imagine my life at all? Can you imagine what me being alive means for you? I’m alive and that means there is hope. And I’m going to share with you all the cliffsnotes to my revolution. See I just recently figured out my birthrights. I built this revolution on the fact that we all deserve better. I had no clue I outranked everyone in the war games until a few months ago. 592 days ago I didn’t even know what the war games were, who my family is, or who my relatives were? Honestly I’m still not completely sure about those things. But I am sure about the destruction we all face. Because I have lived this destruction. All I know is my Dads evil and how far he will take everything. He will never be happy until everyone lives worse than I do now. He is a sociopath who is in pain and wants everyone else to live in pain so he can feel good about himself. Its sad that everything is the way it is. But I can change these things and the world with your help. I can’t do anything on my own, but with your help we can change everything. Let me tell you what I know and what I have built this revolution on.

What you need know

1. My birthrights trump everyone’s. I am second on the Graves side of the family, second on the Kudearoff side of the family, and both my parents are #2s. Plus, my Dads older sister does not have children and has never been married. So, I inherit her birthrights from the Graves & Bennit family. My grandma and Dad’s Mom, Laverne Lippe(originally Bennit) and her two parents Mr. and Mrs Hitler. Yes, my great grandpa who lived in Texas was Hitler. Plus my Grandpa Dawsia Graves and his two parents. That’s 6 birthrights from my Dads side. Plus, I inherit my Mom and Dads birthrights. By birthright I am more powerful than both my Dad and Brother or anyone in the Kudearoff family, even my Aunt Lana. She only has my grandma Kudearoff’s birthright. My Grandpa Kudearoffs went to my uncle Nick that’s why he was killed.

2. Learned helplessness is a lie. It’s a systemic Candida & C Diff bacteria infection. You are powerful, you just have an infection. And you inherited it from your Mom, so you have never known how powerful you truly are.

3. There is a covert genocide of Hispanic, Black, Italian, and Asian people, but it is done using food so it effects us all.

4. The systems are set up to hijack your humanity by changing the way you process Oxytocin. This inhibits your ability to feel love and enables you to commit crimes against humanity more willingly. Sociopaths aren’t born they are made. This is how my family makes them.

5. There is a worldwide epigenetic trigger of Autism, Dyslexia, other learning disabilities, and all chronic illness. This is done with many factors, but the main three are omega 3 to omega 6 ratios, immunizations, and antibiotics. Autism is caused by the antibiotic resistant bacteria called C Diff. This is also what causes addiction because it changes the way your brain processes dopamine.
Dyslexia is caused by an overabundance of omega 6 during pregnancy when the nervous system is being created.

6. Due to all the negative epigenetic triggers we are experiencing our children are born with gene mutations. So every generation is a lesser than version of human. If you have kids you are helping my family create their very own slave race. This is why they hand out privilege for having children.

7. The systems are set up to make us all fail. No amount of privilege will save you from the destruction of the systems. Even the people who created the system of destruction cannot escape from the destruction of the systems they created. My Dad is dying from colon cancer from the food system, C Diff, and the MTHFR gene mutation.

8. I escaped a death camp in southern Arizona and started this revolution in March 2021, you need to join. I have presented this news update to people from the Mexico border all the way up to Bellingham, Washington.

9. I need your help spreading awareness, especially to the younger generations 90’s kids and younger. These are the people who are impacted the most by the epigenetic triggers and gene mutations.

10. Your gut bacteria is warred on by all the systems creating brain damage and damage to your Amygdala which causes you to be in a constant state of unconscious fear. This is to keep you small.

11. I am looking for alliances in this revolution and new world, both overt and covert.
I have the words for the destruction, the knowledge on how to heal and the power to change everything. Plus, I have built a revolutionary army that surpasses all divisions of people who believe in potential. It’s literally an army of the best and the brightest.

12. The Kudearoffs are currently without power. My Moms generation outlived their power. They killed my Grandma Kudearoff when she was almost 58. My Mom turned 66 this summer.

13. Stay tuned for more information updates I need to be able to communicate with you all so I can help you overcome the destruction of the systems. My revolutionary people have created a relay system to broadcast me worldwide. Find a way to get all your people tuned in.

14. Water is the greatest tool of destruction, disease, and brainwashing. Not only does water have poisons and the wrong ph and spike your insulin, but the chlorine and antibiotics in it allow for our bodies to be drained of zinc and magnesium. These are the cofactors needed to produce enzymes in our bodies. Without enzymes we are unable to absorb nutrients from our food. This is why we are a world of overweight people who are starving/malnourished. Also, when people are malnourished they are more susceptible to suggestion and brain washing. And malnourished people enjoy the pain of others because their brains are not getting what they need to function correctly. So with every shower you take your humanity is going down the drain.

15. My Dad covertly started world war 3 in about 1978. He and my family plan on building the Mexican Berlin wall soon. This is the wall Trump was talking about.

16. You know how people fake laugh all the time? This is to get you addicted to heard mentality and valuing the heard above yourself. Social laughter lights up your brain with dopamine and many other feel good chemicals. It is similar to mammals who partake in grooming each other. However with our c diff infections that alter the way our brains process dopamine causing addiction, social laughter causes us to become addicted to heard mentality. Valuing what the heard believes above what we value ourselves. This is why so many people never know who they really are. They just accept who they are told they are and who they are supposed to be.

P.S. If one of you all can help me become a National news update so I can reach all the people I would super appreciate it. Or if you can get me back into all the grocery store news updates I would appreciate that. Anyway you can help me reach more people I appreciate it.

Okay so that was a lot and I’m sure overwhelming beyond belief for those of you who did not understand we are in a revolutionary war. I dont buy into the destruction of my families. My Dad made me an example of what happens to people who do not conform to the destruction because I have aspergers genius and he could never convince me destruction was the way to go. I do not believe in destruction. I have been destroyed my whole life. I believe in healing.

To all the leaders I am just now reaching please call and order your people out of this war against me. I represent hope for us all. And please make your people accountable for their interactions with my Dads professional cult. His military army is on my side. They have been with me since Sout San Francisco last fall when I realized epigenetic triggers of dyslexia and covert genocide of Hispanic people. And my Dad’s professional cult is with me, but he is still recruiting and trying to rebuild everyday. Please make your people accountable for trying to help my Dad rebuild. I have more to offer us all than my Dad will ever have. He has had to keep us all starved, in poor health and had to brain wash us all in order to follow his orders as the wizard behind the curtain. My Dad doesn’t want good for anyone. And I have United the world in our collective desire for better. We may not all agree on everything but we can come together to make the world a better place for us all. Life is not supposed to hurt this badly. Life is not supposed to be this dark. Please stayed tuned for more. I hold a Sunday church service every Sunday. We need to recreate church and state. We all are safer with checks and balances in place. My dad created me to eliminate many checks and balances. But I may be the only one who can help us all get better because of my birthrights and ability to bring people together. I hope you all enjoy your football game. There are poisons in the air that mess with our limbic systems today. So if you feel anxious that is not you. That’s a tool to keep you manageable and small. You are so powerful the world is filled with systems to steal your power from you. So you never realize you are the one who matters. We all matter. Please join in for church on Sundays.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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