Well hey there Vallejo

I hear you all have grit and I am looking for people who can keep up. I escaped a death camp close to the Mexico border and have been eating raw meat with my hands to stay alive for the past 199 days. Are you ready to be revolutionary with me?

Life is meant to be easy, but somewhere along the way my Father and Great Grandfather forgot this. It could be the Munchausen and Munchausen by proxy that makes them desire to complicate life or the cluster b personality disorders. Honestly, who cares what had mislead them. We deserve better.

I am a second generation American who has never truly experienced the freedoms that are granted to me by being an American. I am sure many of you can relate to this and would like to experience a better quality of life. I represent the last hope we have at a change for the better. Everyone else in my family is dead inside and power hungry.

I need you all to join my revolution. We are taking over I-5 and pushing my Father out of power. I have the fancy families, SS soldiers, Scandinavians, Washington, Oregon, and Northern California on board. You all are the deciding factor and gosh I sure hope you are ready to expect more out of life. Everyone deserves a better life not just certain families. And we all deserve the basics in life: clean air, water, and food.

What I need you all to do: Stop spending money and turn off your phones.

I know it seems ridiculous. I could just kill my Father or wait for him to die of colon cancer, but who needs to wait to have the life they deserve. Plus, I am not into murder like the rest of my family. We all war differently I suppose.

Thank you and love always

Nicole Graves

Here the air traffic!!! That means we are making progress!!

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