War Game Meetings At The Grocery Stores

People walk into the grocery store cocky and arrogant, but walk out humbled and a bit meek. The grocery stores are a magical place for you all to share information, huh? How did the SS soldier meeting at Albertson’s in Thurston go yesterday? Aunt La came over yesterday and told us it was packed. She is like my Brother and not very good at being covert to say the least. Thank you Aunt La for letting me know the game plan about killing my dogs, I appreciate you.

My dogs don’t “keep me going,” as Aunt La put it. They keep me manageable. I have already said my goodbyes to my little girl Teka. She turned 13 in September and was never meant for the war games. I adopted her in Las Vegas when she was 8 1/2, she was near death then and I nursed her back to health. I love her more than I ever knew I could love.

Teka is my heart, but she has served her purpose of helping me survive the desert and cancer. I have already thought about having her put to sleep, but she is not in pain just enduring a lot of bullshit like so many of us. Who do you think will I will take my overactive sense of revenge out on if my dogs do die? I will give you one guess. đŸ˜‰ I do not aim to enslave or hurt people who have not tried to hurt or enslave me. Can you imagine how much more unpredictable I would be without anything tethering me to my heart? (Fragment: This is why they make you all have children) Honestly, I am scared to find out, but I am up for the challenge if need be.

I thought I had really made my presence known in Springfield. However, even some of the backup SS soldiers with their pollution causing trucks, who were gang stalking me this morning did not know about my blog/domain. How do you all hear what I write, but not know I have plastered it all over the internet? They just tell you it is my journals like before huh?

My Mom is having a hard time with everyone knowing about her life and what she has had to endure to have her part in the war games. However, my life/struggles have always been public. Shoe on the other foot moment, once again. My Mom was a power hungry version of me when she was young. She wanted to take over the world with my Dad, but she was enslaved just as many men have tried to enslave me. The house she lives in is her prison. They were starting the process of killing her already when I started this adventure. I intend to let her live. There is no reason for her to die. Plus, I am addicted to the idea of having a Mom. I have always wanted someone to love and care for me. This is my greatest weakness that they have used against me over and over.

You all know I am your last chance, right? You all know I am your great grandchildren’s last chance right? No one has ever tried to enslave me with intentions of freeing the people. They all have just wanted to follow in my Father’s footsteps and enslave more people. I only want to free the people, because I have been tortured just like you all so I understand what it feels like to be kept in so much pain. I have never gained anything from my birthright, but abuse, torment, and pain. Everyone else on both sides of my family enjoys the power trip and priviledge(spelling?) I was not let in on. I was kept small and manageable, so I would never find out the power I have in my mere being. My family cult was even going to let me marry a black man, rather than tell me how powerful I am on my own. That says a lot! I am sure you all know my family cult is hugely into racism.

I do not have to stay clean, look good, or smell good to win this war, just merely survive. And after Aunt La’s visit yesterday, I realize my Dad is closer to death than I expected, like death bed status. My Mom keeps making vegetable soups and sharing them with Aunt La, so they are still planning their own deaths too. Aunt La has been researching how to deed her house to her Der without him having to pay death taxes on it, what are those called? Probate!

I just have to survive. Every time you partake in war games on me you are lower your chances of ever attaining freedom. This is a once in a lifetime chance for all of us!

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. How are social security numbers tied to the war games? You all really gotta work on this covert stuff, Geez!

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