War Games Rules and Referees

A note to the referees of the war games.

I am pretty sure it is not legal war games activities to kill someone for their birthright. If it was my Dad would have gotten away with killing Kris and Brenda. But their territories were given back to their children. Is there any punishment for what my Brother has done to me for the past 20 years? What about for what he has done to me this year? If I was not such a trooper I would have died, no thanks to you all.

What would you all do to someone else, who attempted daily to murder their sibling so they could take their birthright? I sure hope you all are able to enforce some justice or at least issue a penalty of some sort because this kind of war games activity goes against the rules in every way possible. This goes against what they war games stand for, which is birthrights. If we can just kill others with the birthrights that we want, what is going to stop anyone from killing their siblings with the better birthright? There has to be some experience with this issue, because I am sure my Brother is not the first. However, if you all do not do something there will be hoards of people who try what he has done and probably some of them will succeed. If you do nothing you are sending a message that this is acceptable war games behavior. I hope you all know it would be the end of the war games and the beginning of just pure madness if every family acted like this.

I understand you all are loyal to the war games rules, so you need to make an example out of my Brother otherwise your rules will not be standing for very much longer. Look at what my Dad did to his wives. And look at what my Brother has done to me. My family does not honor the war games rules and you all need to do something before others follow in their footsteps.

Thank you

Nicole Graves

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