Watch Me Break Even More & Take Joy In It, But One Day It Could Be You

I see some of you people enjoying my pain. I know it is shocking that I have a heart still, but my family will continue to break me over and over. The thing is you could be me one day. Destruction is the only for sure thing when getting involved with the Kudearoffs. All it takes is my family having a good or bad day to desire to destroy you for their enjoyment. I have been tied to their destruction by blood and birthright, but some of you all here choose to be tied to them. You choose to allow them the opportunity to break you, but think they won’t because you have been a good soldier. Have you not realized there is no loyalty in this game of destruction they play?

There are phone records, license plates, and ip addresses that link you all to their evil. And in turn records connecting the wizard behind the curtain to the evil you have carried out for them. There is no way to hide all the communication they require when they are not allowed East of I-5.

It goes as deep as the pool guy from when I lived in Vegas that used to poison my pool. Can you imagine how little of a life they have had in order to mess with my life this much and create my Truman Show. No one ever had any intention of killing me because I am the reason for the great amount of narcissistic supply they get. I have always been the source of a great deal of power, but this trip has allowed me to see the extent to which they have used me against you merely for attention, aka power in their eyes.

Do you see how much of a pawn you all and I have been for the past almost 40 years? All they want is attention and the power to destroy, they will never be fully fledged humans or even close. And they kept me drugged, poisoned, and in a perpetual state of destruction to keep you doing their dirty work.

This has to end because you all are the ones who will actually end up paying for the sins of my family. Don’t you think they will get great joy in using you all as scapegoats too?

Nicole Graves

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