Watching The World Change Before My Eyes

Smith’s parking lot

Have you ever just sat and watched the world change right before your eyes? I have been doing a lot of this on this adventure. It is such a beautiful thing. At first it hurts and breaks people a little, but it allows the light to shine in.

I have traveled the nation looking for someone else like me for many years. Not until I worked at a group home in Sierra Vista, Arizona did I find someone else like me, but he had extreme lead poisoning and some kind of gas poisoning too(perhaps radon?). Did you know your children like me were being abused and poisoned to keep them manageable? Or are you just as shocked as I was?

New Mexico your world just got larger and I got to sit here and watch. The real question is what are you going to do with this light? Are you going to let fear, shame, and guilt eat you alive? Or are you going to get mad and do something about it?

I am here when you are ready to do something about it!



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