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Weston Price is a dentist who researched the cause of why dental problems arose after industrialization. He traveled all over the world visiting places where people lived traditionally. He then compared the people who lived in industrialized cities/areas with people who lived as they had for 100s of years. Really he was studying epigenetics, but I dont think he knew this.

Weston Price found that people who lived traditionally and kept their traditional cultures not only had better health and healthier children, but they also had better teeth and bone structure. Have you ever seen someone with eyes really close together? That’s because of epigenetics and the mother not nourishing her body before pregnancy. We see signs everyday of the problems industrialization cause us. Yet, we are desensitized to them and conditioned to think they are normal. Bad health is not normal. It’s done by design.

I realized over the past couple days that it’s not just a few select races and their foods that are acts of genocide. We are all being eliminated. All races are experiencing genocide. Every kind of food is a weapon of destruction.

In the 1970s, it wasn’t as bad. However, it still existed. When industrialization took place in the US and probably everywhere else too, the destruction started. My educated guess is that whoever was in charge was aiming at creating a slave race of some sort. Or maybe it was just a way to weaken people and make them good worker bees. But that’s a slave race right?

This destruction started around the turn of the century and has never stopped since. However when my Dad came into power in the 1980s, he upped the ante on everything. Our life expectancies are going down if that explains how much the destruction increased. This is why he encourages people to breed so early. He wants everyone to have the kids, work the mind numbing job, but into the systems, get sick, pay into the healthcare system, and die. There is no room for potential. There is not even room for life.

Kris was able to almost escape from my Dad because she didn’t eat much. My Dad used to make her eat. He used her just like he used my Aunt Lydia to get me to eat foods that would destroy me. Even in Vegas, I still occasionally ate Fritos dipped in cottage cheese with black pepper. This is a complete weapon of destruction. And I only ate it occasionally because it hurts my stomach. However, I associate good memories of Kris with the food she taught me to eat. Its comfort food. There is an emotional connection in my brain that is soothing. Just like the Doritos I used to eat with my Aunt Lydia when we were camping when I was a kid.

I dont know how to disconnect the brain connections that make some foods comfort foods. I have always been obsessed with pizza because it reminds me of my Grandma Kudearoff. She always used to buy us all pizza.

After days of watching food videos and simmering on everything, I realized the goal of the systems is to make all food comfort foods. And I realized Brenda did not fair as well as Kris because she bought into the social norms about eating. We can overcome the poisons of we dont eat often. It’s hard, but it’s how I have survived. I just never realized it before.

In my experience the key is educating yourself about food and turning in to how it makes you feel. Every food is a weapon of destruction. I told you all I had not found a safe food. Well, I was more right than I ever imagined. The more you eat, the weaker you will be. Dont get me wrong I’m going to eat a lot when I’m done with this fast. But I realized I have stayed alive, not by eating healthy, but having food rules and eating calorie dense foods. So my intestines dont have to process so much destruction. All the foods you eat because you think they are good for you, they aren’t. Unless you are eating fermented foods and even then they add in things that are weapons of destruction. So eat the chips, eat the French fries, etc. Just dont eat often. That’s the key to surviving this war that has been going on for more than a century. Dont eat often. Gorge yourself with somewhat smart choices and then fast. Any time you eat sauce or anything spicy you are killing yourself. Plain food is the way to go. Skip the salt pepper, skip the spices, skip the sauces, etc. Just eat plain food as much as possible. Eating pizza? Skip the sauce. Eating fries, skip the sauce. And choose fries instead of onion rings. Onions kill your gut bacteria thus allowing for C Diff to flourish. Everything is a weapon of destruction. Potatoes are a nightshade and toxic. They are literally a poisonous plant. Yet, potatoes are one of the few things I can really digest well. What does that say about the foods we eat? If I can digest a poisonous plant better than most foods we are in a pretty bad place.

I haven’t written in a couple days because I just want to crawl into my Autism silence and stop talking. But I know we need to talk and communicate in order to survive. Now is not the time for me to get selfish and indulge in my feelings. I don’t know if I’m ever going to get to indulge in my feelings, but I hope one day I will.

So I have been sad and overwhelmed by the destruction. I’m mourning food. But again I realized when I tried to eat healthier that’s when my life and health went down the drain. So I’m going to eat the crappy food I want within reason and my rules. Just like I did before. I may be super skinny, but I will be alive. Today is day 16 of my fast. They are poisoning me with the chemicals that make me nauseas and my mouth water. At this rate, I dont think I will have much of a problem continuing this fast. Greasy cheese pizza without sauce with a side of raw ground beef is less than appealing when I feel like I need to puke. However, they used this poison on me a lot in the past decade I just never realized it before. Ever poison brings back memories. It’s weird.

I had another interview today. Fingers crossed, but I am not too hopeful. My Dad has been freaking out a lot the past couple days. I have no clue why. I have literally been staying to myself and not doing anything. I have not even been talking to you all. Yet, hes freaking out like never really before. The people he has fighting this war for him have reached another all time low. But he still has people. Have you all talked to one another about what’s happening and the dangers of joining a cult, but especially my Dads cult. Once you are on his radar, you never escape and destruction is the only guaranteed outcome. It’s like playing Russian roulette. There is no real winner.

I’m going to go back to silent mode. I’m sure I had more to say, but I will remember it another day.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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