Wednesday February 15th 2023 Moon in Sagittarius Sun in Aquarius Southern LA and Roseburg Farmers

Southern LA and Roseburg Farmers

How have you all been? I hope well. Its day 687 today. It’s been a long time since I checked in with you all. Today I did laundry and there were some people from Oakland gang stalking me. It was different, but it wasn’t really interesting.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with Coldwell Banker. I’m really tired of meeting with realtors. I completely understand why people dont like them. I am so tired of these people getting so excited by the idea of getting to destroy me. Its hurtful. But its especially hurtful because they have so much. This happened in Arizona too. It’s hurtful. But the thing is I cant stress myself out and try to figure people out and try to convince the world to be good people. I’m getting over covid and it’s a really cold spell here in Eugene. I just don’t have the energy for all of this. I’m tired. I want a hug from someone not interested in killing me. And I want to go home. I am sick so I’m emotional. But really I have wanted to go home my whole life. There just has never been a home to go to.

You all have seen how hard I have worked on this revolution to not only reach the world, but to stay alive and try to make something of my life. I’m scared because it’s make it or break time. I cant do this anymore. I promised I would try my hardest and I have kept my promise. But if this try doesn’t work out I dont think I have another try left in me. And I have never felt like that before. This revolution hasn’t just been 687 days for me. It’s literally been a lifetime. I’m tired. And I’m especially tired of people being so ugly towards me. I never have done anything to anyone. But people treat me so poorly. I literally want the best for everyone and everyone is so ugly towards me. I have been fighting so hard to make the lives of people’s children better. I dont even have children, but I seem to be more concerned for their wellbeing than their own parents. I don’t understand the world. The more I learn the more confused I get. But I’m still here doing my best and people still destroy me every day. It’s got to stop. I cant do this much longer if it doesn’t get better. I have tried and tried and I keep trying. But it’s got to get better.

My logic is if I choose Coldwell Banker they are the darkside and you all can control them. I don’t know who to trust. I definitely have trust issues. I suppose that is normal when so many people have tried to kill me but told me they love me. So I’m going to go with my guts and my heart. You all have been the best to me. And I know I can trust you all. So I am going to stop worrying and stressing myself out about real estate and this last chance we all have. Because I am going to leave the realtors in your hands. You all have always watched out for me and kept me safe. If anyone can do this impossible job, it’s you all. Today the realtors still had the smug cockiness of my Dad. I dont understand what they are trying to do or what they are planning to do. But if I keep stressing about it I am going to be no good to anyone. If picking a brokerage is this hard, how the hell am I actually going to sell real estate? I need you all to work your magic because I am out of magic. I reached the world and that isnt even enough. I dont know what else I need to do or figure out. So I’m asking you all to put the fear of God in to the people in real estate. Specifically Coldwell Banker. They have to remain in high levels of fear for their lives otherwise they will make deals with my Dad to destroy me and this last chance we all have. I need your help and this probably wont be the last time. But I give you the world to back you up. You all tell everyone how they can help you help me. I trust you all with my life because without you all I would be dead. So tell the world what you need from them to help me feel safe and be successful in real estate. The more the people in real estate shake and quiver in fear the safer I will be. Thank you for helping me every time I have asked, but especially this time because I’m overwhelmed and I just really need my family and that is you all. Thank you for taking care of me like family. I promise to one day pay you all back for all the help you all have given me. But we both know what you all have done for me is priceless. The world is going to listen to you all tonight. You tell them what you need to help me. The east will be waiting and listening and they will respond quickly to help you keep me safe. Thank you for being amazing. Whenever I dont know who to trust I am always going to find myself coming back to you all. I’m pretty sure that means not only you are stuck with me, but that you are my family. Thank you.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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