Wednesday February 22nd 2023 Moon in Aries Sun in Pisces A War For White Superiority

Last night I was laying down while it was snowing and I was trying to figure out what my Dad is doing to northern Oregon and Washington. These people are at war and they don’t seem to understand what is happening. But I didn’t understand what was happening either. So I started putting the pieces together by connecting the dots on people who have tried to destroy me.

My uncle Dave represents northwest Washington. Which manifests as northwest eugene by Willanette high school and hwy 99 in Eugene. Julie from Coldwell banker also represents northwest. Elliot from windermere is from Lynnwood Seattle area which is northeast Seattle. He was very adamant about being associated with Phoenix. And he was adamant about being more powerful than Bill Cavinee. Who he was related to. But bill represents I5 south of Seattle. And then Ryan Holloway Brenda’s son had ties to Arizona and he lived on river road which is northeast eugene. Then there was Kevin wilsonville Murphy who is related to bill and my uncle Dave, but Kevin represents I5 Salem to Portland. Then there is Kris Uffins who represents hwy99 east and Oregon city and clackamas. And then there is Jason Leadley who is related to kris but he represents hwy 99 west Newburg which is southwest Portland.

So there are all these different groups of white people fighting for dominance. It’s a war to see who the most superior group of white people really are. Jason from Coldwell banker yesterday taught me about being a #2. He taught me its not about territory. It’s about marketshare. If it was about territory my Dad would have kept marrying and killing more women.  BUt he has achieved the marketshare he was aiming for so he quit after Brenda.

My Mom represents northeast. Kris represented southeast. Brenda represented northeast. My Mom represents more of just the east. Ethnic people are just east. White people are more south east or northeast. My Dad just needed to conquer the east because he represents the west already. It’s all about marketshare. All the white people are fighting each other for a larger marketshare of the same pie. Every city has these same dynamics. The families just have different names. But these dynamics are universal.

The thing is there are really only two kinds of people in these groups. There are the people who are loyal to where they come from and then there are the people who are loyal to my Dad. There are only these two groups. When I first spotted my Dad’s cult members gangstalking me in LA after the farmers called everyone out of this war against me all I saw was this group of people who were not loyal to where they come from gangstalking me. No one involved with my Dad is loyal to anyone or anything but him. These people kill for power every day. They break rules and traditions for power and dominance every day. They dont respect where they come from.

So there are all these groups filled with people who worship my Dad and are loyal to him. But they are fighting for a larger marketshare for the subgroup they belong to. And these subgroups allow these people who worship my Dad to fight for them because they desire this larger marketshare. They think these people who worship my Dad are helping them gain more marketshare. But are they really? Because when these people gain more territory who are they loyal to when making decisions on that land? The people who are loyal to my Dad are fighting for a larger marketshare for my Dad, but they tell the subgroups they are from that they are fighting for them. However, when it comes down to making any decision these people will always choose the decision that is backed by my Dad. These people will never go against my Dad and make a decision in the best interests of their subgroup.

There are only two kinds of people in these groups. There are people loyal to where they come from and there are people loyal to my Dad. So you all are fighting a war that has already been won by my Dad. Sure you may want your group to have a larger marketshare but my Dad already has a corner on the whole market. People who are loyal to where they come from are the exception to the rule. My Dad has control over the market because he controls most of your people.

I experienced this issue when I first started talking to the leaders of the war games. See the war games is part of my marketshare and my legacy. People live for the war games. However we noticed that my Dad had started using the war games as his cult for his own purposes that did not align with what the war games were created for. His cult members were breaking the rules and doing things that weren’t in the best interest of the people from the war games. We all had signed up and grew up with certain rules, but the people in charge who were loyal to my Dad were breaking those rules and distorting what the war games stand for. This is when we had to remove people from places of power within the war games who were loyal to my Dad. Because these people were always going to make decisions based on what is best for themselves and my Dad. Rather than follow the rules of what is best for all of us. This is when we had to remove my uncle Dave as leader of the war games army. Because he will forever be loyal to my Dad rather than the war games army.

Now all you subgroups are faced with the same delima. Do you allow the people in places of power within your subgroups to remain in those places of power when they are not loyal to where they come from? Or do you remove them and replace them with people who are loyal to your subgroup. I cant tell you all what to do. But I can tell you the war games has forever changed for the better since we removed the people who are only loyal to my Dad. The war games is based on rules and loyalty and when it went back to having this order the world was better for it. And since we removed these people who worship my Dad from the war games they have been preying on your subgroups where they are allowed to hold positions of power without being loyal to those groups that give them power.

So until you all remove the people who are loyal to my Dad, you all have already lost. You have to ask yourself if it’s better to have the marketshare you currently have or is it better to try for more and loose everything. Maybe it’s time to call a truce with one another and work together. Because there really are only two groups of you all. Those who are loyal to where they come from and those who are loyal to my Dad. I believe in being loyal to where I come from. So it’s hard for me to understand allowing people in places of power to disrespect the places that give them that power. It just doesn’t seem logical to me. We all need to respect the places and people who give us power. That is the key to leadership. However my Dad and his followers do not see eye to eye with me on this.

But the real question is how do you all see this? Do you believe in being loyal to where you come from and respecting the people and places who give you power? You get to choose how people treat you. Today you get to decide if you want to continue to allow the people you give power to to continue to disrespect you.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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